Original Painting: The Easter Egg Tree

      Yesterday I put the finishing touches on this little Easter painting, and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you here (and in plenty of time for Easter! Or Pascha, whichever you celebrate!)
   This is “The Easter Egg Tree” and it was inspired, again, but Ukrainian Folk Art traditions in Easter– especially Pysanksy, the art of decorated Easter Eggs– which are so, so pretty! This original painting is freshly listed on etsy, and looking for a new home to celebrate Easter in!

  If the characters in this painting look familiar to you, it’s because the same three characters that appear in my painting “Preparing the Easter Basket” are featured here– except this time with a baby brother! (Naturally!)
  I think these two pieces will make a pretty Easter set, and I do anticipate getting some prints made of this one. 
   I have such a love for European folk art, particularly the Eastern European variety. And the customs and vibrant art of those places have always drawn me in, even as a little girl. I shared a little bit about the custom of the Easter Eggs and baskets last spring when I created the first painting— and you can read that post HERE

    Of course I am well aware of the troubles happening in The Ukraine at this very moment, and to me that makes these paintings all the more poignant. I know there are many, many families there just entering into Lent, probably with very heavy hearts and lots of uncertainty. I hope that this year and this Easter (Pascha, to the many Orthodox Christians that live there) brings them a miracle of peace and hope. That is, ultimately, what Easter is all about.


Update: Painting SOLD! Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Original Painting: The Easter Egg Tree

  1. I'm dreaming of spring too! And an English cottage garden (that will only be real in my mind.) As soon as the heat of July hits, I know it's time to start planning my Halloween decorations! 🙂


  2. Happy March 1st! Spring is popping out down here and I can see the tiny new green leaves bursting forth on the trees outside my desk window and a few dark pink azaleas opening up! I promise you, Spring is coming!! The Gulf of Mexico waters are warming and those warm breezes are pushing up into the heartland so help is on the way! Love, love, love that instagram video of Robbie saying hello. He is so precious!


  3. Hooray for spring! I have lots of flower seed packets sitting in the fridge that I never got to last year. Hopefully this year! Just planted some green onions, lettuce, and spinach yesterday.


  4. I am so excited for Spring! We're still expected to have near Arctic weather for another few weeks at least though :/ Oh that little baby pudge, so sweet!


  5. How beautiful! I just love how the wee grandmother is in the background and the beautiful religious iconography on the wall! Easter a such a sweet, refreshing time of year!


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