FEAST!: A book review

         A few weeks ago I came across the most fabulous book, Feast! by Daniel and Haley Stewart, and I thought that this would be a great time to share it with you all since we are in the midst of Holy Week. Feast! is such a unique and much-needed book for families who’d like to celebrate the Liturgical Christian year in their homes— and more precisely on their kitchen tables.
    While most feast days or holiday celebrations bring to mind things like cakes and cookies (and buns! Oh, the buns! Hot Cross, St. Lucia….I digress 😉 ) the Stewarts have gone a step beyond and created a wonderfully thought out book that uses hearty and healthy meals to celebrate the special days that fall in the liturgical calendar.
   Getting to know Haley through her wonderful blog Carrots for Michaelmas, I’ve come to appreciate how the Stewarts don’t just celebrate the seasons with vegetables, soups, and meat dishes, they also grow a good deal of their own produce and involve their young children in the process. Very inspiring indeed, especially since planting season is fast approaching for many of us!

  Some of the recipes in the book include shepherd’s Pie, Tahini Tilapia, Simple Black Beans and Rice, African Chicken Stew, Christmas Stuffed Apples, Three Kings Cocktail, Baked Tilapia with Spicy Cilantro Cream Sauce, Lomo Saltado, Grilled Pork Chops Lazio Style, Rajas con Crema, Vietnamese Peanut Sauce, Simplified Pasta Pescatore, Fried Rice, Catalan Chicken Picada, Garden Fresh Curry, Michaelmas Roast Chicken, Simple Spanish Tapas, Mujaddara, Hummus, and Stuffed Butternut Squash.
   They sound so good, I’m thinking I’ll be using the recipes on regular days as well! 
   The book is for sale not just in paper form, but also in digital format for your eReader (I’ve got mine on the iPad, which is handy to have on the counter when I’m cooking!)
   So if you’d like to add a few mindful meals that are delicious as well as great conversation starters with your family, I’d definitely give this one a try! And Holy Week is the perfect time to start!
   For more information on the book and on the Stewarts, visit Haley’s blog Carrots For Michaelmas.


5 thoughts on “FEAST!: A book review

  1. Sounds like a wonderful book for extending how to celebrate the liturgical year. The recipes you shared sound delicious and healthy as well! Maybe you and Audrey can do a bigger veggie garden together this year for fun? Love that gorgeous yarn you started to knit in your instagram. You have to show us what the finished product is!


  2. Hello dear you!!! So long since I visited! I have been busy in planning a book I started to write..will see what happens : ) and being a lot on instagram have taken my time. Are you at instagram? I call myself lyckeliv there! I have been thinking of you..especially since I bought a dvd with the name \”The secret garden\” think i remember you talking about that book!?! it came with the mail today so I haven´t seen it yet, but we will this Easter-weekend ***This book looks amazing. maybe one day I will be more interested in making food..with time, so long I´m enjoying your wonderful and beautiful cooking ❤ Wishing you and your family the most lovely Easter *+*+***love Lycke


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