Quiet Moments

It’s a quiet morning here. Little ones are still sleeping and I’ve been able to enjoy my coffee while the birds sing and socialize outside my dining room window.

  These quiet moments are nice, so that I can take a moment and try to organize all the thoughts in my head. So, so much going on 🙂 

  Will took this photo of me and Robbie the other day. It was underexposed so we came out very dark against the window, but I edited it to be black and white and think it looks totally “Nell Dorr.”

 I like it too because it conveys more of a feeling than specifics. My little one in his baptism bonnet– he was being cranky and I was trying to sooth him. When he cries he bleats like a little baby goat. I swear, it’s precious 😉

  But—yes— back to projects! I’m working on a large commission now and also stewing over a project that is based on Advent. Yep, Advent. Because let’s face it, once July comes and its miserably hot, thoughts of winter might be the only thing keeping me sane! Ha!

The other day Audrey said crankily, “It’s too hot out here! I hate it! I wish it was winter!” Consider that apple fallen very very close to this tree 😉

   To pass the summertime with minimal moaning, I’ve decided to do something a little different— I’ve been reading about homeschooling, particularly the Charlotte Mason method (I’ve mentioned this before, right?) and so I’m trying to instill a more purposeful routine and some learning time into our days. Taking advantage of the community of birds that flock to the old cedar outside our dining room windows, we checked out several books about birds and Audrey has started a ‘bird journal’ so she can draw what she sees and we can look them up in the books. We also got a workbook of second grade activities and learning cursive (which she is desperate to do) and so far “I’m bored” isnt something I’ve heard too often!

  Of course Robbie is mostly interest in eating and sticking things in his little mouth to chew on. Teeth are coming, we keep peering in to see if we see any pearly whites– but none have broken through yet.

  Well, the morning is slowly passing so I should go for now! I know things have been much quieter here since the baby came, but know that I still appreciate every visit and comment! I’m slowly getting back to the work I love— but I know I need to cherish these special baby moments too. Its a constant striving for balance around here. Some days are more successful than others, but I’m giving it my best!~

Til next time,

7 thoughts on “Quiet Moments

  1. I love this black and white photo of you and Robbie. It is just so sweet!! Quiet moments in the morning are like bits of pure gold for a busy mom. They help you gather your thoughts and center yourself before hopping on the merry go round for the day!


  2. Heather that is one of the most beautiful mother and child photographs I have ever seen. I am sure you treasure it. It is certainly one of those pictures that say a 1000 words.


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