Tasha Tuesday: Bird Love

 Tasha Tudor and her pet grey parrot play a trick on dinner guests

    Around 5 a.m. here at our house, baby rouses for his ‘first breakfast.’ It is still very dark with the curtains drawn, but I know a sliver of dawn has started to lighten the sky because I can already hear them— the birds have woken.
   One thing I love about our old house here in the old part of town is that it is so full of big trees and the life that goes with them. There are several families of birds living and nesting in our yard– and the feeder under the big cedar tree is usually drained within the hour. It is so fun to watch them living their little birdie lives just outside our windows; learning to fly and flit, twittering and trilling, foraging the yard and eluding the cat.

    Judging from her art and life, Tasha was also a big fan of feathered friends. Not only did she keep doves, parrots, chickens and little finches, but she used them constantly in her artwork. Little birds are constantly appearing in her paintings, which I also love to paint. They are either a central subject or a little detail peeking out of a border, part of nature and of home.
   Tasha also named her little make-believe postal system “Sparrow Post”, where all the dolls and animals exchanged letters with her children. I love that idea— so full of make believe and imagination! How Tasha found the time to keep up with all her correspondence AND an entire imaginary postal system (and do all the other labor intensive things she did!) I’ll never know. But its a wonderful tribute to her imagination.
   And while I can admire Tasha for all her bird mothering, I am content to watch my feathered friends in the wild. They never cease to entertain, and their constant song is the backdrop for our summer. At our house, we love to see the cardinals and robins. Sometimes a pretty purple finch or yellow finch will stop by for a snack. We also love the mourning doves, who come by to sing us their low mellow song.

   Do you have any favorite birds of summer? Or keep some as pets? Do tell!~
happy Tasha Tuesday!~

5 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Bird Love

  1. Oh, beautiful!My family and I have noticed that we have blue jays this year! I grew up never seeing them, unless I was visiting my grandparents in Oklahoma. This year, they're everywhere. Not particularly friendly, but they are pretty. The cardinals have stuck around, too. I saw a gorgeous brown bird in our yard yesterday. Mr. B, my bird expert, drew a blank. I need to find out what it was…


  2. We have several bird feeders in our backyard and lots of Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, Chickadees, Purple Finches, Downy Woodpeckers, and the occasional Blue Jay and Brown Thrasher. Lately, we have been watching bird families feed their young at the feeders which is so sweet! I remember learning about Tasha's Sparrow Post and that inspired my girls, when they were about Audrey's age, to create lots of tiny mail for their Breyer and My Little Pony horses. I think Jessica made a mailbox out of a shoe box in her closet for the official horse mail receiver. How Tasha managed the life style that she had is beyond what I can fathom!


  3. Oh my goodness that picture of Tasha and her bird is so priceless, though a little frightening before reading the explanation! What a well trained bird! I don't think I could ever have a bird as a pet. I wouldn't want them to fly around the house but I'd be too soft to keep them caged. I love wild birds, even the big black crows! They're delightfully spooky!


  4. I used to keep finches as pets….they were lovely but they continually had babies. Somehow or another, even when we were sure the cage only had females in it! I love birds and my husband and I do like a good bird watching afternoon. We don't generally keep our bird feeders full in the warmer months due to the whole Mouseville situation. 😉 But we get a pair of cardinals every winter and of course we have our murder of crows that live in the tree on our property. And the bat that lives in the basement in the winter….. 😉 Sparrow post is one of my favorite things about Tasha's lifestyle! I have always done Sparrow Post with my kids- it's so fun.


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