Tasha Tuesday: Spinning and weaving

    Last fall I was able to visit the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont and took these photos of Tasha’s spinning and weaving equipment. It was fascinating to see these old pieces, antiques when even Tasha acquired them, and imagine all the hours she sat in quiet consentration spinning fibers into yarn or weaving threads into beautiful cloth.

   Lately I’ve gotten interested in fiber arts myself and would love to make my own art yarns for knitting. I think weaving is beautiful but seriously— look at the size of that loom! Not exactly something you could keep in the hall closet! From what I’ve heard, Tasha would find these old pieces in barns, take them home, reassemble and repair them and put them to work. Looms are amazing pieces of early machinary (I learned recently that watching the function of a loom inspired the idea for binary code— wuuut???!?) and seeing them work, especially on this large of a scale, is really impressive.

   In the bottom picture, you can see a piece of small blue and white cloth, which was the last piece of cloth Tasha worked on before her death. I love the design and color— I’m a sucker for blue and white stripes! I’d love to try it someday, which of course means I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of ‘things to get into’ in the future. There just isnt enough time to do ‘all the things’, is there!?

   Thank you for your visit today! I’ve got some more news to share with you as well! Exciting stuff 😀 so hurry back!~ 
   Talk with you later–

3 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Spinning and weaving

  1. It was amazing how Tasha made everything the craftsman way. I too love that blue and white piece she was working on. So beautiful! Weaving looks very complicated to me and I admit I am sure I would get pretty overwhelmed trying to learn all of the details of setting it up and creating patterns. Making my own yarns for knitting is proving to be a greater challenge than I ever imagined. If you could see my first ball of yarn spun with a drop spindle……….I have a lot to learn and accomplish. LOL!! I am almost afraid to try and knit it for fear it will spring into heap and strangle me to death!!!! Yes, it really is THAT pathetic!


  2. Heather, you could always try a table loom to start with. They are portable but you can make some nice scarves, runners, etc. Starting on a big loom without a few lessons is a recipe for discouragement:-)


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