Art as Charity— UPDATE!

    What a difference a week makes! Wow guys. I am so happy that we were able to do our donation project through the print sales. And it went above and beyond my expectations! If you’ll recall, last week there was an issue about illegal immigrant children that was really weighing on me. The only way I could think of to help was to offer a portion of print sales to donate to Catholic Charities, which is the organization appointed to aid these children find a safe transition and new home. I thought, perhaps, we’d raise maybe $50. I’d be happy with that. We reached that goal in about a day! I grew more and more excited as we edged up to $100. Then guys— you bought every charity print I had! And we raised a total of $120! That is amazing!!

   On Friday I organized all the orders and got them packaged up and shipped out— so if they haven’t already arrived for my buyers, they will very soon. Then it was time to make the donation, and we gave the $120 raised to Catholic Charities of OKC, earmarked for the children of Ft. Sill. 
   It turned out that the OKC diocese wasn’t set up to accept paypal payment, so I made the donation through my own checking account. I’m showing you a portion of the receipt email here, edited because it also contained part of my checking account info, so please pardon the cropping 😉 

   So….yes…THANK YOU to everyone who was so kind as to buy one of my special charity prints. I knew it was a great cause, I just hoped that one of my prints was enough of a incentive for people to make a purchase. So you can’t imagine how gratifying it was to sell each and every one! 

   It’s just proof to me that when we work together, we can do more than what we could imagine doing alone. And you’ve helped me to know that there are good people out there in the world— that compassion and giving is alive and well in this world, even if it works quietly and behind the scenes.

  I hope our donation can help make a real difference in these children’s lives. I have a feeling the spirit behind it will carry on to do even more good in the world!

Thanks SO much,

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