Fiber Christmas in July

    On Friday morning I stumbled bleary-eyed into the kitchen searching for my morning cup of coffee. “Merry Fiber Christmas!” My husband greeted me– and oooooh, it was! 😉 
    Ever since I heard about it a few years ago, Fiber Christmas in July has been something I look forward to every year with sort of a bright eyed, yarn crazed, anticipation. a room full of yarn and fiber enthusiasts— handspun goodies, raw fleece, art yarns, and people who love the same things I do— yes please!

      I was able to chat with some talented friends who all had booths at the show— including Denise at Lost City Knits, Vicki from Hardcastle Folk Art and Jane from Angora Jane (who also helps organize the event!) I loved seeing all their beautiful fiber works and hearing about what they’ve been up to. There’s nothing quite so nice as getting to be around kindred spirits— and yarn, ha!

    I had Robbie in his Tula and carried him around like a little kangaroo while I petted all the yarn in sight. I got some really beautiful yarns– including some pretty art yarn from Two Window Dye Co.and the perfect ‘dala horse red’ yarn from Brooks Farm that I plan to make into a beautiful hat.

   I’m so glad we have this event here so close to home (literally just down the road a bit!) and that these vendors, even ones from out of state, travel here to Oklahoma to share their wares with us. It’s great to meet people who are passionate about what they do, and it’s neat to be able to buy things from the person who made them— and many times actually own and care for the animal that the product is made from– it makes the finished product that you create with your own hands that much more special.

   And now that Fiber Christmas is over, I am planning my own Christmas creations that I’ll start making with them. The fun just wont stop, hehe 😉

    Off to start the day!~ 
Til next time–

4 thoughts on “Fiber Christmas in July

  1. That looks absolutely amazing :O I have forbade myself from buying any new yarn until I knit what I have, but new fall and christmas colours are soooo tempting!


  2. Heather, these yarns all look so yummy and soft! What a lovely collection of all kinds and colors. I found some great sock yarn the other day on the Oregon coast that had to come home with me!! Looking forward to getting home tomorrow and getting those needles out and getting started . Love the Instagram photos of the new studio coming together. What a great space!!


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