Prims Magazine: Art Dolls Featured!

   Hey there, friends! I am so happy to be able to finally share with you some exciting news– my witchy art dolls are featured in the current issue of Prims Magazine!
  You can find the magazine at bookstores now, or order online at
   I love how they turned out, Prims always knows how to make things look so lovely and special. Can’t wait for these dollies to make their way home from California too, they’ve been away for a few months now! What adventures they’ve had!
   You can see a bit of the feature in the pics below….there are also some other amazing autumn and winter dolls featured in this beautiful magazine. Perfect for curling up and looking at. Its also got me inspired to get out my sewing machine and make some dolls again— someday! When there’s time again!

Thanks for stopping by today!~ Happy Autumn~!

9 thoughts on “Prims Magazine: Art Dolls Featured!

  1. Kudos on your magazine feature; will have to look for it at the newsstand! Scrolling back to your previous post, I was smiling at your little man smiling back at me! What a cutie-pie. Your outing sounded delightful … a treat back in time. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Congratulations Heather!! You are becoming a regular contributor to Prims. Such an honor and a great advertising venue for your art. Your witchy dolls are really neat looking with their scarves and hats. Beautiful!!


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