October: Pumpkins and Knitting!

        I think fall came this weekend. Suddenly it was chilly and misty, and rainy— there were pumpkins to be had, autumn gardens to explore, some good family time and a new urgency setting in about knitting projects that have been idling for far too long as temperatures rose into the 90s.

   This weekend we went up to Shepherd’s Cross to see their pumpkin patch. The weather was just this side of chilly— cool enough that Robbie got to wear the little gnome hat I made for him months ago, and we got to pick out some pumpkins for our porch.

   It’s so funny to think that last fall, he wasn’t even here yet! And now he’s getting to be such a big boy, smiling and laughing and obliging when his mama puts him in a pumpkin pile to take his picture.

   Now that its getting to be a properly cool autumn, I’ve got several knitting projects that I need to wrap up! One of the most important ones are my Salem mitts! I bought this yarn at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn right on Front Street in historic Salem, Mass. last fall. I went in wanting a yarn that just screamed “Salem!” and came away with this softer than soft merino blend in black and white.

   Believe it or not, I am STILL working on these mitts…I know, I know 😉 but good things take time! And the stitches are so fine and the needles so, so little. In order to preserve these little stitches now that Robbie is here and very very grabby, I’ve been using some Ewe Clips that my friend Amanda from The Purly Ewe is currently selling! Amanda is also a knitting mama and knows how frustrating it can be when your precious stitches are accidentally pulled from their needles. Using her own knitting experience (and mama experience!) she created these special clips that fasten to the end of your needles so that your project stays secure. You can use them on regular needles, double point needles and circular needles. They’re really cool— you must check them out!

  Anyhow….I think baby is telling me its time to wrap up this post! I will be back to chat with you later. And don’t forget— Christmas Card Pre-Orders are now available in etsy!!! Thanks so much!!


12 thoughts on “October: Pumpkins and Knitting!

  1. I enjoyed your sharing photos of the pumpkin patch outing! The family photos are so cute, my favorite is Audrey holding Robbie! Indeed, October is time to get back to the knitting projects that have been on hold during the long protracted Summer of 2014! I love that Salem wool too. The colors and pattern of it are fun and your gloves are going to end up looking great. Isn't it cool how gourds and pumpkins have combined into some beautiful colors and textures? I just love how they look all grouped together.


  2. Thanks Winnie! The yarn is so soft and nice. Love the colors too! And pumpkins and gourds are my favorite! No two are alike! The weirder and wartier the better, I say! 😀


  3. Hello Heather,Such beautiful photos & all those pumpkins.Did you knit your babies hat, I love the Autumn colours of it.Hope to see you knitting projects when you finish, I need to find something nice to knit now.Fondly Michelle


  4. Robbie is just precious Heather! I can't believe how he's grown. I took a bit of a blogging break over the summer, but will be on more often now. I miss seeing what's new with you! And I got a chuckle out of your Salem yarn. I might have to head down to that store, just a few minutes away. I love the idea of those needle clips. You've inspired me to get those needles out! Enjoy this time of year…your favorite!


  5. I just love your photos – they so beautifully capture the feeling of this wonderful season. Definitely makes you want to take time for a cup of tea and a bit of needlework.


  6. The photo on the pumpkins in that wonderful knit hat is the MOST PRECIOUS thing!You must frame it and capture that memory. It will make you smile forever more.


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