Just a few days left….

   Hi friends!~ Well, we’ve got just a few days left for the big pre-order for Christmas post cards! You can place your order for any and all of the designs above in my etsy shop through Oct. 31. On Nov.1 I will be making my big order!

   I can’t believe that we’re at the end of October. It probably doesnt help that its been unseasonably warm here. I currently have mosquito bites and saw lightening bugs out just the other day. No sweaters to be worn when its near 90. Now, that is just not nice, is it!?

  But I know November wont let me down. November can be counted on for a good chilly day, with leaves swirling and a foreboding, rather “Bronte” sky! Just how I like it! I am a fan of moody weather 😉

   The end of October also ushers in our wedding anniversary here at our house— and this year will mark TEN YEARS. Ten years! Doesn’t seem like it has been that long, but I’m looking forward to plenty more decades with my favorite bearded man 🙂

   There’s also something about late fall that makes me want to get out in the garden. Just before its all put down to bed for the winter…our neighbor gave us a peach tree she grew from a peach pit for 2 years! It will be Robbie’s tree. I’m also liking the idea of getting a living Christmas tree and then planting it in the yard after the holidays— then we will forever have his first Christmas tree. Plus, that size of a tree can be kept on the table top, away from grabby little hands!

  I’m also still on my Lark Rise to Candleford binge.…almost done with Season Two! After I finish this, its on to Cranford for me. I fully intend to embrace this autumn and winter with some BBC goodness and a heap of holiday knitting 😉

   Well, I will be back to write more soon— just wanted to stop in and give a friendly reminder about the cards! Thanks to all of you who have already placed your order! I appreciate it so much!!

6 thoughts on “Just a few days left….

  1. Congratulations on 10 years of wedded bliss! Here is to many more. And I agree- moody November skies are fantastic. Just the thing for candles, and knitting, and BBC movies and tv shows!


  2. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! Late October anniversaries are the very best in my opinion too!! November is one on my favorite months as well because we usually get cooler weather on a regular basis. Hoping to start your recommended Lark Rise to Candleford soon and you can bet I am going to be knitting on that vest I started!!


  3. I am going to be starting Lark Rise soon! I have just started Cranford! Such cozy Victorianness for the harsh winter season coming up. I am so ready to bury myself in shows and blankets! Happy anniversary to you two lovebirds! Such a gorgeous couple!


  4. A Bronte sky, I love that image. I adore that kind of weather too. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, and many more years of wedded bliss to come. Read the book Cranford too. I read it after watching the series. The series is faithful to the book. It is a sweet read.


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