Excavating the Studio

   Oooooh, it’s been busy around here! We will have lived here for 2 years this month, but lately we’ve been uncovering bits and pieces we didn’t even know we had!
   Renovations began with the garage door— which broke this winter, when all our vehicles were in it during a snowstorm (of course!) In order to properly fit a modern garage door to the opening, a new frame had to be installed, and my husband Will did an awesome job getting that framing painted a nice crisp white. Oh, but that was just the beginning of his DIYing!
   Poor man has heard “Let’s rip that up/off/redo that!” many times over the past few weeks! Outside we had an old piece of wood covering a doorway. From inside the garage I could see that it was blocking an original door, hardware and all. We decided to take a gamble and rip off that board– and there it was! An old white wood door that is probably original to the structure!

  After cleaning up the outside, we moved inside the apartment space that is the studio for Tasha and myself. There is a front room that we’re going to use as a store space. The room had gone from dark slate gray to a super warm tan when my brother lived there, but we wanted it to look even lighter and cleaner. 
  We chose a shade of white called “Linen” and it instantly brightened up the space. From there we turned our attention to the flooring, which was vinyl “wood” slats. We decided to take those up, where we found a tacky layer of tar-like adhesive on big pieces of board. Those boards were nailed down over the original wood floors, which had a paper cover on top of them. 
  You can imagine it was a huge relief to see the real wood floor under all those layers! And the wood we found was an old red painted wood floor. Funnily enough, in the center of the room, the boards arent painted in a big square— evidently in the ‘olden days’ people would just paint around the rug!?! The things you learn during renovation!

   That blank square has, of course, led to a bit of an art project in itself….which you can see on instagram! I’m now painting it to look more ‘on purpose’ and not a flaw. Can’t wait to show you when I finish it up!

   Anyhow….that’s what I’ve been up to. A lot going on, and school is about to be out for my daughter and we’ll have summer to start. Time sure is flying!
   Hope you’re having a good week!
Talk with you soon,

3 thoughts on “Excavating the Studio

  1. Oh Gosh, Heather, the treasures you are finding!!!! I am loving the old red painted wooden floors with the mystery \”rug\”!! Can't wait to see it when you finish your idea of a painted rug. This project is going to be very worth all of the hard work as it is such an heirloom and history of long gone eras. Such fun and excitement!! Thanks for all the updates and I hope it all comes together like you are hoping it will. Once again, it seems that Summer has suddenly arrived. How it manages to to that is always a mystery to me! We are already into the afternoon thundershowers pattern!!


  2. Ah such an amazing building! I am sooo jealous of it! And the wood floors, they are going to look amazing with your creative hands and some paint!


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