Tasha Tuesday: Learning to Take Joy

   My apologies that this “Tasha Tuesday” is a day late! I was unexpectedly sick on Tuesday, but am feeling much better now! And ready to talk Tasha!~

     As many artsy people will tell you, sometimes its hard to not want to do all the things. This is something I often find myself dealing with, and judging from Tasha Tudor’s vast array of hobbies, I’d say she was in a similar situation!
   When that spark of interest and inspiration hits, look out! An artist will drop what they’re doing and want to go all-in. It is a blessing….but sometimes something of a curse too!
    Especially for those of us running a business with our passion. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, many times ‘the hard way’, its to not lose focus on that core thing that you are passionate about. That core element that is your passion or, in my case, your paycheck!

   I’ll be honest, this is a lesson I’ve just recently learned and one I’m still trying to learn. But on my better days I remember: you don’t have to do everything. And some things can be enjoyed, just for the sake of enjoying them. There doesnt have to be a reason. And more often than not, this down time and ‘creative time’ can inspire you when its really time to get to work.

   This may seem like a strange lesson to have learned from a women like Tasha Tudor who did so much (and without running water! Or central heat and air! All with four kids!) but hear me out. Many of the things Tasha did, she did just for the pure enjoyment of it. That was her only motive.

   I think in our modern times its easy to get caught up in the ‘reason’ behind everything we do. We don’t consider the benefit of just doing something because it makes your heart sing or your soul feel rested. No, there has to be a lesson or money or something gained at the end of it. But that’s the funny thing— there is something to be gained at the end of times to just play or relax or enjoy. It’s peace and contentment. And there’s way to put a price tag on that! It’s priceless.

    And so that’s what I’ve gleaned from looking at Tasha’s life. She knew when to paint as a businesswoman. But she also knew when to have fun just for the sake of having fun. And a bonus to all that fun and imaginative time she had on her own or with her children? It circled around and fed her art!

   Many of the hobbies she indulged can be seen in her own art— all the animals, the flowers, the beautiful fabrics and quilts, the old dresses. All of these things that she loved just for the sake of loving them were a constant source of inspiration. 

   Realizing this has made me see hat everything is connected in some way, no matter if we consider it serious or frivolous. Our brain need time to focus and work, but it is alsomust have it’s time to roam free and be indulged. And so, truly, no moment in life is wasted, if it is spent in a way that brings you joy.

   Because, you know, Tasha always said….
“Take Joy!~”

Wishing you a wonderful Tasha Tuesday…..On this Wednesday Morning!~

4 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Learning to Take Joy

  1. Thank-you Heather for such a thoughtful post! It is very easy to get all caught up in things and not be able to prioritize what is important. And Tasha is correct, sometimes we just need to do things because we want to and it pleases us. I wondered if she actually struggled with this dilemma?


  2. I enjoyed your post, Heather. I have to give a talk on Tasha at a garden club tomorrow night. This is one of the things I planned to say about her. You've expressed it so well! It will help me with what I want to say. ☺


  3. Hi Heather, I don't know where I have been all of this time because I just NOW found all of your articles on Tasha. Oh, my, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading ALL of them and from now on I will be reading them EACH week!!! We too, are driving, a long way, like you, only from Washington state, in September, to go on a tour of Tasha's house!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! I have been on two garden tours quite a few years ago and was able to meet Tasha at that time so that was WONDERFUL, but now look forward to seeing the inside of her house. You write wonderful articles. Thank you for making my day. Oh, yes, and like you, I have way too many interests—-gardening, doll collecting and knitting to name just a few!!! I will never be bored that is for sure. Another Tasha fan, Joyce Maloney


  4. This is such a good lesson. I'm finding lately that if I put a task on my to do list, I don't want to do it. It seems like another chore to tick off. If I do it on a whim when I feel like it, it's because I want to do it, for the joy of doing it. This can include art making, sprucing up the house, cooking … all things I love doing but hate doing the second they become one more thing to tick off. Very wonderful lesson to learn indeed!


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