Back From New England!

   Oooooh, friends. I am back. Back from the land that speaks the native language of my heart! Back from the land of ‘all things old timey’— my beloved New England!

   What a trip. 21 hours in the car. Each way. With two kids. But we did it, and we had such an amazing, memorable time. I am positively filled to brimming with inspiration not just for art, but life in general. After a week in New England, immersed in its history and beauty, I feel the need to live simply and deeply. To avoid the frenzy of the modern world as much as I can and take things slow. To eat simple, real food. To use the pretty dishes. To enjoy the sunshine, and to spend time in the garden. To really hang on to those eternal things, to shut out the noise. 

    Many of you have probably followed along on instagram and I was so happy to have you as traveling companions. How fun to share our adventures and delight in it all together! I am happy to share with you photos now from ‘the real camera’ and I plan to spread out all the the beautiful things I saw ever so slowly here, so that we can savor and enjoy them for a long time to come!

   On this trip, I was able to share Historic Deerfield with my family, and we also spent July 4th Weekend in Old Sturbridge Village. The high light of the week, of course, was a visit to Tasha Tudor’s home in rural Vermont. I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful it was to be there, with friends….in her garden, walking through her door, seeing where she painted. Seeing that space that inspired so much beautiful art and such a full and rich life….I was overwhelmed with happiness and awe. I was able to stand on her little porch, all set up for tea time, while it rained. That is a moment that will forever be etched in my mind. It was so lovely. And I cant wait to share more about that day with you….

    Of course now that we’re home, the mundaneness of ‘getting back to life’ has happened— as well as laundry and dishes, and all those things. However, I’ve found myself trying to hang onto that simple, handmade, home centered life we experienced in this land of such rich history and beauty. And, of course, I want to paint….and the inspiration just wont stop!

   And so…come back soon for more inspiration, more photos, and more ART. I cant wait to get back to creating! All I need now is a paint brush in hand!~
Talk with you soon—

15 thoughts on “Back From New England!

  1. Oh, Heather, what a perfectly lovely gift you made for your friends in New England!! Awesome details and colors too! What a treasure for their home. One of a kind American Folk Art doesn't get any better!


  2. That photo of the woman in the pantry looks like it could be a younger Tasha Tudor! Maybe it was- she always said she was heading straight back to 1830. I love these photos, Heather!


  3. Heather, to go on vacation is to vacate one's everyday life in order to make room for new discoveries. I'm eager to go with you as you look back on your adventure!


  4. Heather, these photos are inspiring! The colors, the themes, the thick green of Summer!! I know just what you mean about longing for that space where life is slower and simpler. It is hard to do in our busy , busy 21st Century. Looking forward to seeing more and learning more from your fantastic week!


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