Tasha Tuesday: The Stillwater Society

 Good morning, and happy Tasha Tuesday! 
Settling in here at home, but still reflecting on such happy memories of being at Corgi Cottage.
   Visiting Tasha’s home, and other New England staples like Historic Deerfield and Old Sturbridge Village left me feeling refreshed and longing for a simpler way of life. Getting out of the loop of everyday noise was….refreshing. And seeing how others lived so simply and richly was so inspiring.
   I loved seeing Tasha’s home where she lived and worked, surrounded by her animals and the things and people she loved. I couldnt help but yearn for that in my own life, and I know many of you friends share this feeling.
   With these thoughts in mind, some friends and I started a brand new group and blog called “The Stillwater Society.” Inspired by the “Stillwater” concept that Tasha herself concocted, this society is all about “the little things” in life.

  Here is a little bit about it from the blog: 
We members of The Stillwater Society are fans of ‘the little things’ in life; time spent with family, an appreciation for nature,making things by hand and sustainable living. In short, we enjoy searching out what is good in this world and sharing it with those we love.

   The concept of The Stillwater Society was first dreamed up by American artist and illustrator Tasha Tudor. You will find that she in a great inspiration for us all here, in our humble society. Her influence is keenly felt and celebrated, and we welcome Tasha Tudor fans of all ages, nationalities and walks of life to  “Take Joy” with us here and in our online Facebook community.

   On the blog, we hope to bring you inspiring posts on old fashioned cooking, gardening, art, home decor, knitting and embracing the handmade lifestyle.

   In our Facebook community, we will be able to chat together in real time about our shared interests, share information and inspiration. We’d love to have you join us!

   If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, please join us! You can visit the new blog HERE. And our facebook group is located HERE

   Have a wonderful Tasha Tuesday, friends!~

3 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: The Stillwater Society

  1. Joining in with all of you who were inspired enough to start the new Stillwater Society blog! I am looking forward to reading more of the entries over time too! Tasha left so many people inspired and determined to keep her art and the life that inspired her art alive for the generations to come.


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