New England Love: Old Timey Interiors

      Many, many times on our big trip to New England, I would walk into a room and my heart would just ache. I was just—- in love— with every little piece of pattern, paint, furniture, detail. On all our adventures, from Historic Deerfield to Old Sturbridge Village, we were able to go into antique spaces that just made my heart sing. I would think “Yes! This is what I’m trying to paint!”

      One of my favorite live-in spaces was The Red Lion Inn (see my bearded sweetheart looking so nice in this old timey setting!) with its many rooms filled with antiques, beautifully done wallpapers and just ambiance to the hilt. It’s my dream to one day run away with said bearded man and spend a weekend there— just us two— at this beautiful inn tucked in the Berkshires. 20 year anniversary, perhaps?

    These following photos were taken at Old Sturbridge Village, which— if I lived closer– I would positively haunt. So many beautiful spaces, all set up for you to actually look at, touch, be a part of. You can walk through these parlors, through these kitchens and little rooms where so much life went on. It is a museum, yes, but it is one mean to be savored. I stumbled through just in awe, every corner just a painting waiting to be captures. I fell head over heels in love, for sure!

   What strikes me most about all these interior spaces is the love of color— rich color— but it doesnt feel overwhelming. The Americans of the 19th century had such a marvelous sense of color and pattern. I loved all the sage green, the aqua, the hints of mustard and ox blood red. 

   One thing is for sure—- I am so inspired to take all this inspiration and use it for future paintings, and my own home! 

  Hope you enjoy them too!~

17 thoughts on “New England Love: Old Timey Interiors

  1. Wonderful photos!! I too love those muted rich colors of the 19th Century. They are calming and rich at the same time. One day I would love to also have a stay at the Red Lion Inn. It looks full of New England charm and history. My kinda space! I agree that you should put the 20th year anniversary on the calendar as will happen. Can you imagine how lovely it will be in October foliage? Lovely cool breezes while rocking in those chairs on the porch? Perfection!!


  2. Oh! Love Sturbridge Village, especially the book store on the grounds! That's where I was able to purchase a couple of autographed books by Susan Branch! Did you happen to go by the Publick House? A favorite of ours! Next time I go to the northeast, I hope to go to the Red Lion Inn! Only been twice to northeast, so there's still lots to see. Hope I don't run out of time.


  3. I LOVED that bookstore! I wanted everything in it! The books are awesome. I bought an apron for painting in the gift shops— one of my favorite indulgences. And you must go have lunch at the Red Lion Inn!


  4. Whenever I visit places like this I always want to come home and add beams or paneling to my 1950's rambler! But in the end I realize it would just look out of place unless I redid the whole house, added a second story, and re-skinned the outside of the house!


  5. Oh, the Red Lion Inn! I never ate there, but peeked inside. That porch! The street, actually – oh, the perfect New England street to sit on a porch and watch folks go by!


  6. Oh, the Red Lion Inn! I never ate there, but peeked inside. That porch! The street, actually – oh, the perfect New England street to sit on a porch and watch folks go by!


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