Tasha Tuesday: Little Knitted Love

 Good morning and welcome to another Tasha Tuesday as we celebrate the 100th birthday of one of my favorite artists, Tasha Tudor!

   This past summer I was able to step through Tasha’s door into her little house filled to the brim with all the treasures that inspired her life and art. Fine china, her painting supplies, antique furniture, her doll house with such little beautiful things and even her knitting– still in its basket, placed off to the side near a huge antique loom.

  Recently I’ve been thumbing through my copy of Tovah Martin’s book “Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts” and have really  been enjoying the sections on dyeing and spinning (especially now that I have Gretel!) and her love for miniatures and dolls. It’s amazing how many old skills Tasha was able to hone, and how many talented artisans and friends she was able to surround herself with. It’s a concept I am taking to heart myself, as I identify more deeply with how her hobbies and life influenced her art. I am finding the same thing is happening to me!

   For this “Tasha Tuesday” I thought I’d combine two of Tasha’s great loves (two things I also love!) knitting and little doll things. I am starting to see the advantage in combining knitting and dolls— doll clothing knits up a lot faster, and a doll will never rip a hat off and run squealing from the room. Yep, dolls always appreciate what you make them.

A page from “Tasha Tudor’s Heirloom Crafts by Tovah Martin

    And so I’ve been inspired to get out my own knitting needles to make some little things— a pointed little cap with a ribbon tie and lacy edged capelet with antique button to fasten it closed. The duo fit just perfectly on my little doll made by my talented dollmaker friend Christine Crocker. Christine is another Tasha Tudor lover, and it was my pleasure to get to ramble through Tasha’s garden with her— as well as Deefield Massachusetts! The dolls she makes are inspired by the antique Queen Anne style dolls that was used as dressmaker models in the 1700s— and I’m sure Tasha would have loved them.

   And so— what would another special Tasha Tuesday post be without a giveaway to share? And this week’s giveaway is special because it is the cap and capelet that I just finished up. Knit using a dreamily soft alpaca blend yarn, these pieces will fit a small doll, but can be adjusted a bit depending on where you tie the cap or button the collar of the capelet. 

  If you’d like to win these little pieces, it’s easy! Just leave me a comment here on this post. And on Friday one lucky winner will be selected!~

   In other Tasha news— The Tudor family will be hosting “Tasha Tudor Day” The Centenary Celebration on August 29 in West Brattleboro, VT. Some of the events scheduled include a Tasha Tudor cross stitching pattern class taught with the help of my sweet friend Melinda Mull— also a lover of precious doll things and little treasures! There will also be a ‘coloring for grown ups’ class and a watercolor class taught by Marjorie Tudor— which I would love to be able to take part in….if only I was just a little bit closer!
   For more information on these events, you can go HERE.

Well, I will sign off for now. I’m so glad you came by to visit! 
Have a happy Tasha Tuesday–

8 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Little Knitted Love

  1. Heather, what a darling doll cap and shaw you created! You are so right that doll clothes, when owned by someone who is very careful, don't get the rough treatment that our regular knitting efforts get. You also don't have to worry that it gets left on the school bus and never is to be seen again! LOL!! I think Tasha created an amazing world with her dolls and it must have been a special part of her children's younger years.


  2. What a sweet trip down memory lane of our trip in July to Tasha's! ! Lovely blog writing!! That knitted set is sooooooo precious! Very gracious of you to share your work! THANK YOU!! It is lovely and so pretty on Christine's beautiful doll! CONGRATS to what will be one lucky girl!


  3. My goodness…I must add my comment here, as well, about how wonderful to skip down memory lane and our gathering at Tasha's! The tiny set is darling, Heather, and modeled so beautifully on Christine's doll! How I miss all of our friends. Much love and blessings, Christie


  4. Heather that is a sweet set that you have knitted! It looks so soft! You are so fortunate to own one of Christine's beautiful elegant dolls!!:-) I am so excited to be one who will attend the celebration on the 29th! I am looking so very forward to going! Blessings and hugs, Linnie


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