Tasha Tuesday: The Homespun Beauty of Anokhi Scarves

 Dear Friends,
     What fun we have had this month as we celebrate the art and life of artist Tasha Tudor for her 100th birthday! I hope you all have enjoyed our Tasha Tuesday posts, giveaways and interviews! I have had such a great time putting together these special posts for you, and hope that it’s brightened your Tuesdays in August. 
   This week will be extra special as it is the last week of August and Tasha’s 100th birthday would have fallen on this coming Friday— August 28.

Photos of Tasha Tudor by Richard Brown

 This week’s post— and giveaway— are inspired by Tasha’s unique fashion sense, inspired by days gone by. And what is more iconic to Tasha Tudor than her beautiful scarves that she was always seen wearing, no matter the season….
    This summer when I was able to visit Tasha’s home and shop at The Rookery on the Tudor property, I was introduced to the gorgeous Anokhi scarves. The Tudors have selected these gorgeous scarves for sale in their family shop as reminiscent of the scarves Tasha was so fond of. I was immediately taken with how gorgeous the patterns were, and the scarves are made of the lightest silky cotton.
    Soon after I returned home, I visited the Anokhi USA shop online and was overjoyed to see how many lovely patterns they have available—- in designs ranging from intricate florals to simple geometric designs.

    The scarves are all handmade and hand blocked in design. And best of all, Anokhi is a fair trade company. Anokhi is well known for its success in preserving and revitalizing traditional textile skills, and for its involvement with educational and social projects in Rajasthan, India, where the company is based and its products produced.

   Anokhi  uses hand block printing, on the highest quality pure cotton to create their textiles. The process begins with handmade teak printing blocks to create the design of each textile. For each scarf pattern, the printer designs from one to thirty print blocks, each of which takes two days to carve. Printers stamp every three-meter block of cloth approximately one thousand times. All the embroideries and decorative stitching are done by hand, mostly by the Meghwal community in the district of Barmer, in the Thar desert region of Northwest India. 

   I have simply fallen in love with these scarves and now count myself as a fan and collector. They are so well made— the colors are deep and the detail of the patterns so lovely— and the cotton is so light and breathable (which is handy during sweltering Oklahoma summers!)
   The scarves are pretty enough to be used as decorative pieces, placed in the center of a table with flowers or wrapped up with favorite books and tea for a lazy afternoon spent reading on the porch.

   I am happy to share my new found love of these dreamy scarves with you— Anokhi USA has been so kind as to offer this lovely pair of scarves for YOU, my readers! The designs chosen for this giveaway were hand picked by the wonderful folks at Anokhi. The scarves they chose are some of their most “Tasha” looking designs, and goodness, did they pick just right! I cant wait for you to see and feel these beautiful scarves that are sure to become a staple in your own wardrobe— whether you wear it with an apron and petticoat, or  jeans and a blouse. 

  Because of Anokhi’s generosity, I have this pair of scarves to offer to TWO lucky winners this week— one for each winner.  I have a blue floral scarf and a dark pink floral scarf for you to choose from (see photos below).  When commenting, just let me know which one you’d prefer  and on Friday I will choose a winner for each scarf!

  In the meantime, if you’d like to browse Anokhi USA’s amazing collection of scarves, you can visit their website here. Not only do they offer their designs in these beautiful and decadent scarves, but they also sell kimonos, kaftans and surongs to wear as well as pillow covers and quilts to enjoy around the home.
   And while the scarves offered here today are very reminiscent of Tasha Tudor, they have many patterns that might suit your tastes even better, in the most amazing array of colors. Happy shopping!~

  And so— if you’d like to make one of these scarves your own—- all you need to do is comment! And for added bonus chances to win, I would love it if you would share this post on your social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) and then just come back here to leave an additional comment letting me know! That will help spread the word and also up your chances of having your name selected!

  Best of luck and, of course—
Happy Tasha Tuesday!~

PS: Be sure to check back again on Friday, Tasha’s actual birthday….there will be one LAST giveaway, and perhaps a little more from Anokhi………

59 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: The Homespun Beauty of Anokhi Scarves

  1. Oh, what a wonderful Tasha Tuesday post! After I read this post yesterday I haven't been able to stop thinking about the scarves(that's why I haven't comment until now). They are SO beautiful! You look very pretty in the photo wearing a blue scarf. It look so nice with the color of your hair.I've been thinking and thinking…and this morning when I went out for my morning walk it was so very windy my hat blew off and I had to wrap my thin jacket tight around me. Oh how I wished I had brought a scarf along that could warm my neck or that I could place on my head to shield it from the wind. That obviously made me think about the scarves in this post. With autumn coming and cooler temperatures a scarf would indeed be most welcome in my wardrobe. Especially since I live in a very windy area. There is very few days a year it's not blowing here. I’m sure this scarf would come to great use on both windy, chilly days, and on hot summerdays.If I win I'd like the dark pink floral scarf. It was the one I fell for first and by now I feel very certain about that it's the one I'd prefer. I love the fact that they are made of cotton since I refuse to wear almost everything that are not made of cotton or wool (or other natural materials). I can’t stand synthetic materials. Don’t you think Tasha would have agreed?Thanks for the great Tasha Tuesday’s posts this month. I’ve really enjoyed them.I'm happy to be inside my home now, warming me up again after the windy walk, wrapping a shawl around me, have a nice cup of tea and writing this to you.Agnes(Sweden)


  2. Oh dear! Another givaway NOW on friday! I'm EXCITED!If it's one of the red/white tablecloth Tasha had I think I'm going to swoon! ;-)I remember the Rookery Ramblings blog had one of those as a giveaway a couple of years ago and it looked SO lovely! I've wanted one ever since I saw the one in the Take Peace-dvd!I think they will have one for giveaway this year at the Centenary Celebration Gathering in Vermont. Unfortunately I can't go there. I think they call them Turkey Red Tablecloth.Oh I'm excited (whatever the givaway might be!) Will sure be back to check on friday!


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