Delicious Autumn!

Home in Historic Deerfield, Mass.

      This morning when I sent a masked snow queen off to school, the day was dawning gray and wet and muted gold leaves were covering the sidewalk–  I was reminded that THIS is the season that makes my heart sing. Autumn is what I dream of when we’re swimming in the heat of July. And Autumn in New England, well, is as good as it gets!

Hearth at “The Witch House” in Salem, Mass.

   The photos I’ve placed here this morning are from my 2013 trip to New England. Robbie was just a little bundle in my sweater that I toted along wherever I went! I’m hoping this trip before he was born somehow created a love of history in him, from my heart to his!

Old burial ground in Salem, Mass

A beautiful home in Woodstock, VT

   Around here, we are just starting to see the trees change. The heat of summer has been clinging on far too long, and so to have this rainy chilly morning is positively delicious. I’m shocked that we’ve reached the end of October— it flew by in a blur and I’m trying to force myself to slow down, to let some things go….to remember that I don’t have to do “ALL THE THINGS” when it seems to be my nature to want to.

   Autumn is a mellowing season that makes me want to cuddle up and take in the world, yet somehow things seem to get so busy and we barrel towards the holiday season. I have to remind myself to be gentle with myself with all my grand plans….with a little one under foot, I’m not as quick, organized, or able to sit down and paint when I want to. And I gotta be ok with that, because well, what choice do I have? I need to take a cue from the season and mellow……

Gravestone at Marble Head, Mass Old Burial Point

A covered bridge and river in Vermont

    And so, I will leave you today with these lovely images of my most favorite season in my most favorite place. Hope you have a wonderfully spooky Halloween and a blessed All Saints Day. Dont forget to download your free All Saints Day coloring page too! See the “Printables” section at the top of the blog.

   Til next time!~

17 thoughts on “Delicious Autumn!

  1. We didnt do any tours in Deerfield, we just walked around….we got there late in the day (after we'd gone to the Tasha Museum and the Yankee Candle Village) and everything was closing up as we arrived. Still, it was wonderful!


  2. I love that quote from George Eliot! And I am totally with you that September 1 marks the sweet and delicious entrance of Fall! Your house photo today from Deerfield is lovely and it sure does make one want to go inside and visit awhile. I am imagining there is a faint smell of woodsmoke from the fireplace still lingering. Or perhaps a recent small fire to take the chill off the air on a rainy day? A slice of Pumpkin Pie with hot tea or coffee would be delightful inside!!


  3. Agreed so very much, September is Autumn! Being so far north here, early to mid-September is when our leaves are at their most bright and vibrant before falling, by early October and especially Halloween our trees are bare. While it doesn't really work with the happy vibrant depiction of Halloween in Disney films, it certainly reminds me of the Sleepy Hollow type of Halloween, bare trees, whipping winds, very dark!


  4. LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for entering my blog give-away! I'm very grateful, because now I've found your delightful blog and shop!And I recognized the house in your header image instantly! Historic Deerfield is one of my favorite places, and never prettier than in the autumn.


  5. Enjoy your wonderful Fall day with leaves and cool rain!!! We are roaring up to 85 today and it feels weird looking at the calendar and feeling like summer again. Your photos are glorious of beautiful New England. It continues to inspire me every Fall season.Happy Halloween to you as well!!


  6. Wonderful photographs, Heather, and I enjoyed your musings about Autumn. My October was too full for my liking, but I was able to snatch the kind of moments you write about. We may have another week of color, but soon all the leaves will be off the trees.


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