FREE Printable: St. Nicholas Day!

   Hello and happy first Sunday of Advent! We’ve got our candles and wreath all ready on the table and we are ready to dine by candle light— one little candle’s worth of candlelight— this evening! I going to TRY to make myself savor every special bit of this holiday season, but I can’t help but look forward a tiny to bit to one of my very favorite days— St. Nicholas Day!

   The feast day of Dear St. Nick is December 6, and a Sunday! We will be attending our church’s St. Nicholas Festival and I’ll be taking some of my art up to the little bazaar they have there too. I’ve also got a special treat for you— this FREE St. Nicholas coloring page, which you can download and print HERE.

  I cant wait to see what pretty scenes everyone comes up with! And YES, adults are allowed to color too! I mean….I color pretty much every day, don’t I? 😀

  Thanks to everyone who has shopped the etsy store with the HOLLYJOLLY coupon code this weekend! And dont forget— you have through today to take advantage of the sale! 20% off EVERYTHING! 😀

   Happy Advent!~!

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