Adoptable House Tomtens!

   Ooooh, it’s that time of year again! I have a collection of handmade house tomtens that need homes! I cant wait to share with you this year’s special little guys— and gals!

   What is a ‘house tomten’, you ask? Well, a tomten (or tomte, or nisse, or tomte-nisse, etc) is a Scandinavian gnome known for their shyness and devotion to their families and animals! In Swedish, Norwegian and other Scandinavian traditions, these friendly little beings live secretly in homes where they watch over their family, animals and property at night, all in exchange for a bowl of porridge. A classic tale about tomtens is “The Tomten and Fox” by Astrid Lindgren, who also wrote “Pippi Longstocking.”

  I find that tomtens make the sweetest ornaments, and love to make some to offer to you here on the blog at Christmas time! All their little faces are handpainted and they’re sewn by me with machine and hand stitching. Their hair is raw fleece that I get from a friend and makes the most beautiful tomten locks!

  If you’d like to welcome a little tomten into your home, these are the little friends I have available to adopt. If you’d like one, please leave the name/number of the tomten you like in the comments AS WELL AS your paypal email address. I will mark each tomten as “sold” as invoices are paid. At this time, I can only take payment via paypal.

Tomtens are $12 plus $2 shipping, so $14 total

 Here are the little friends available…. 

Adoptable House Tomtens:
1. Lars — ADOPTED
2. Otto– ADOPTED
3. Erik — ADOPTED
4. Hans — ADOPTED

4. Kristin– ADOPTED
6. Linnea– ADOPTED
7  Johanna– ADOPTED

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