Original Painting: General George Washington

 Here it is Monday, and here’s hoping its a better week than last week. I couldnt seem to have a good day last week— and it was all topped off with a massive storm on Thursday that did terrible damage around my town and had the power off until the weekend.
  But never fear! “Here Comes The General!” 😀 (warning:language)

   My lastest painting, inspired by Americana Folk Art and the iconic figure of George Washington is finished and freshly listed in my etsy shop:

   I’ve been reading a lot of colonial inspired books lately, such as the biographies by Ron Chernow. He wrote the book “Hamilton” which inspired the hit Broadway Musical (the soundtrack is one Im currently obsessed with!) and also a biography of George Washington. I guess it’s only fitting that Im steeped in Founding Fathers in July. Staying inside with a big book is my favorite way to beat the heat 😉

   I hope that if I’m ever back in Virginia I’ll be able to stop and see Mount Vernon. That area of the country is so pretty and so steeped in history. One evening we were able to walk to the banks of the Potomac and there were sailboats on the water. Amazing to think these were scenes that George would have seen as well. Ah, but I am overly sentimental like that 😉

  And so….here’s to a much better week! Hope we ALL have a good one. And if you’re taken with the gentleman general from Virginia…..he’s currently in my etsy shop. Perhaps he belongs with you?
   Til next time,

One thought on “Original Painting: General George Washington

  1. I love your new painting of our first President! The more I visit and learn about the American Revolution, the more inspired and amazed at their work I become. The founding Fathers came together in this moment of history to rewrite the future of many nations who wanted democracy and were willing to fight for it.


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