Off To The Autumn Market

    This will come as to no surprise to you but— I really love folk art. I love the wonkiness. I love the realness and the earthiness. I love the idea of the wandering limner, walking through the country with his paints and easel, staying at farmhouses and inns and painting the locals; or the granny who retired and sat down and thought “I’ll paint my memories” like Grandma Moses did. The old folk paintings are unfussy and dont put on airs. But there is something so magical about them that I’ve always loved. And that’s why Im drawn to this particular type of art.
  It is an art of the common folks, of common life, of hand made visions of life and harmony and the beauty in the world. You dont need permission from an art salon, an art degree, or anything fancy; you paint it at the kitchen table. That’s my kind of art.

   This latest painting was inspired by my love of the work of Grandma Moses, whose original work I was able to see in person at The Bennington Museum last year. The funny thing about this painting is that the main subject, the farmer heading off to market, wasnt planned. He just sort of happened…I painted the woman and the child standing on the path and thought, “What are they looking at? They’re looking at the man in the road!” and so “Off To The Autumn Market” came to be.

   I also wanted to pay homage to my undying love for quilts— and so ta da! There they are on the line. And a big beautiful salt box. My favorite kind of house. This one in autumn mustard with a pretty blue door. And the church in the background, and autumn trees and hills….it smacks of New England, does it not?

   The original painting is now in my etsy shop and would sure like to find a home! It measures 8×10″ and is done on canvas. It was such fun to make, and I love autumn so much….I need to paint more autumn while I can!

  Thanks for coming by to visit me today—

3 thoughts on “Off To The Autumn Market

  1. Heather, this is my favorite by far! I hope you will do more of this kind. I, too, visited Grandma Moses's exhibit at Bennington as well as her grandson's studio (Will Moses). I love Grandma's story, but I love your painting more because it's just the right amount of \”busy\” whereas Grandma's was a little too busy for my tastes. I love the colors you chose, too. I did not find it in Etsy. Did you sell it already?!


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