October Open House

     Sitting down to write to you to let you know that next month I’m planning a pretty laid back open house at the studio! I’ll have my prints, art, cards and yarn on hand and a few goodies I’ve collected at estate sales this summer.
   I’d love for any local friends to come by and visit, and also bring your crafting projects! Who know what we might get up to! So if you’ve got some spinning, knitting, needlework, bring it! Or just come to chat! Would love to see you!~
   I’ve also got a few other shows that I’m dipping my toe into these next coming months. I’m planning on taking part in the 10th Indie Emporium and at the St. Nicholas Bazaar in Tulsa, OK.
   I’ll give you more info when I have it, but til then….maybe I’ll see ya in October?

One thought on “October Open House

  1. Can't wait to come!! Thank-you Delta for making it possible!!! I hope to meet your friends and see what beautiful and interesting projects they have been busy doing. Maybe it will even be a cool weekend and feel like Fall!


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