My October Romance

   October gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels. All that is lovely and wonderful is what makes October. Always has, always will.
   My first explorations of New England happened at the beginning of October, when the whole place was aflame with gorgeous turning leaves. We got married (12 years this year!) In October, thrilled to think that our anniversary would eternally take place amidst the merriment of Halloween.

  This October is making me work for it though— it was 90 degrees today, and we still have things like hornets and mosquitoes and flies thoroughly wearing out their welcome. But I have hope! My chilly mornings with a warm orange glow WILL happen. October wont let me down!

   What other time of year do you feel the need to jaunt through a centuries old grave yard or cuddle up to mounds of gourds? It’s October, it does it to you…. 😉

   As for me, it has me frantically painting and getting ready for more opportunities to get out a little in the world. I am happy to say that I’ve got two autumn shows coming up– I’ll have some items featured at Blue Heron’s Fall Antique Open House from Oct.28-30 and I will also be a vendor at the 10th anniversary Indie Emporium!

   Of course now I’m playing Christmas music and nuzzling a cup of coffee and trying to summon up Christmasy folk art and yet….

  I can’t forget to watch October unfold, something I wait for with such anticipation each year. I can’t wait for my little maple to turn pumpkin orange outside my kitchen window, or the big Ash that takes up the whole world almost, to turn brilliant, eye popping yellow. I’ve got my pumpkins on the porch and I am ready!

   Do your thing, October!~ I’m so glad you’re here!

2 thoughts on “My October Romance

  1. I'm with you, Heather! Even though we still have summer weather here in Florida, I never want to miss one moment of all that October brings to the year. The colors, the scents, the foods, the shorter days and nights perfect for stews and hot apple cider.Thirty one days fly by too quickly and you can bet I will be down here, still swatting mosquitoes, but taking in every beautiful moment of the rest of this month. Love those photos you shared here too:D


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