Happy Halloween!

   Happy, Happy Halloween——-

  The most spooky, thrilling, gorgeous time of the year is upon us! The leaves are changing, the winds are cooling, and things are just a little bit creepy and going bump in the night 🙂

It’s also a time of festivities and celebration— my favorite time of year in color in mood; we got married in late October (oh, our 12th anniversary is tomorrow!) Lately I’ve been finding myself taking a moment and looking at sights I see almost daily, but with a lovely autumn glow they are something to appreciate; the kitty sitting on the stone steps….the sun coming through the ash tree….even the wind seems to blow with a little more interest when it’s Halloween…

On this bright, spooky, halloween— I wish you more tricks than treats, time to read a thrilling tale, to be with family, hold a little hand in pursuit of sweet things, and an especially rattling, leaf strewn wind to guide your way….

Happy HALLOWEEN!~!~!

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Pricelss pictures, Heather! I adore your two dogs – almost as much as I adore mine, right? 😉 – and that first picture of the little girl in that BEAUTIFUL hat is amazing. When does it date from, I wonder?Happy, happy Hallowe'en to you and your beautiful daughter and happy sweet munching. We are tucking into a maple syrup cake.Stephanie


  2. Happy Halloween, Heather! The day has finally arrived. Wow, that cider sounds good. May have to try that. I made apple cider cupcakes today to celebrate! Loved your photos – especially of the two pups!!!! 🙂 Hope your little miss has fun trick or treating…hopefully, there will be some goodies in there for you, too!


  3. Heather can I tell you that I adore your art, wait happily for Tasha Tuesdays, but now I know we could be besties – I have a little cavalier as well! xo,Lisa


  4. Such beautiful Halloween-pictures. You have such a fantastic sense for style Heather, you really know how to create an atmosphere. And as for my dolls house- I bought it from my neighbour who is a collector of antique toys- she even has toys displayed in the Stockholm Toy Museum. The dolls house didn´t come cheap, so we have made a payment plan where I pay her a very little sum of money each month for three years 🙂


  5. lovely lovely Halloween-pictures. I always anjoy yours especially..here my little girl was a witch and the boy a joker. little one was nothing other than surprised looking at them :)your beautiful art has arrived…looove it. the calender hanging in our kitchen now. the beautiful Lucia I will put up on the wall later…thanks so so much..very happy and smiling with joy here…soon to be Christmas as you say..love Lycke


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