Crafting On: Yarn and Barn Yard

    It’s a funny little piece of spring here— the roses have bloomed, but it keeps turning stormy and cold. These pretty climbing roses ( a hearty yellow climber from the feed store and a cherished David Austin Rose called ‘Strawberry Hill) seem to have done alright though….they’re on the east facing wall of the studio, and so are protected by 101 year old brick work from the squalls that run in from the west.

  Spring is, perhaps, the prettiest time here (aside from an odd autumn here in there if the summer hasnt been too brutal and worn out the trees before they can glow with fall color.) April in Oklahoma will lull you into thinking this is an impossibly lush, green place. It’s probably when most settlers came and said “oh, what a lovely place! Let’s stay!” and then weren’t they surprised when July and August rolled around ;)…….

   Currently we’ve been having the best time with the newest addition to our little ‘urban homestead’….we got a new baby rabbit and a young chicken. Some wires must have gotten crossed because now the chicken just wants to be with the rabbits (she thinks the hens are too much drama) it’s hilarious.

   Aside from animal husbandry though, I’ve been spinning and making new yarn, and am in the midst of ‘circling the wagons’ as they say. Im trying to simplify my life and commitments, get myself focused and a little replenished. Which is so hard to do, isnt it? Because it often involves saying no to people and feeling like you’re being selfish for guarding your time and energy. But sometimes…you just gotta!

   Something fun we are planning around here is a monthly ‘tea and craft’ date, I’m thinking perhaps the last saturday of each month. We’re getting together this coming Saturday with lunch at The Burnett Mansion at 11 am and the coming back to my studio to craft from 1-5. Anyone is welcome to come, and if it better suits your schedule to come sometime in the afternoon, drop ins are welcome! The studio is at 120 E McKinley in Sapulpa, OK. Let me know if you’d like to come!

  And because this is a little bit about crafting and crafting already done (I just finished those skeins above that are white and pink, which get their pink from madder root dye!) I’ll add this to the Keep Calm and Craft On round up! Visit Frontier Dreams to see more!

thanks so much for coming by— what are you up to with your crafts and projects?

3 thoughts on “Crafting On: Yarn and Barn Yard

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