Tasha Tuesday: Handcrafting:: Antiques:: and New Art

   This weekend I got the chance to indulge my inner-Tasha Tudor and create beautiful thing among amazing antiques. How lucky was I, to get to set up on the porch at Blue Heron with my spinning wheel and spin in the shade, with so many gorgeous old things nearby.
  I have such a weakness for antiques, especially the Early American pieces. Their colors are so rich and deep, although they’ve seen centuries of wear. There’s nothing better than a piece that is worn smooth from being handled for decades. And Blue Heron is definitely the only place in Oklahoma where you can feel a little bit like Tasha, surrounded by old beautiful things.
    We finally had a weekend that wasn’t cold and wet– if you can believe it. It was a proper prairie spring day on Saturday, with clear blue skies and lots of sun. But it was lovely in the shade, and I’ve been spinning up some lush white wool.

  I’ve been thinking lately about Tasha and how she had so many hobbies, but she was able to stay focused on her work and not get sidetracked into “maybe I should try adding this or that to my business….” and lose her artistic focus. That’s something that I’ve really taken to heart as of late, as I try to renew my focus on art and not go in a thousand different directions.
  What she was so good at was indulging her interests, and then using them to make her art even more amazing. That is a lesson I think is worth learning for me now, as time has become so precious as the kids get older, and we have committed to homeschooling for the foreseeable future. I need to use my many hobbies and interests to make my own art more interesting and true. Yet another lesson learned from my favorite artist!

   And while I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my time, I am allowing myself to have fun just for the sake of— fun! I am still working on this rug hooking project of a tulip and heart design on linen. I had seen a design similar to it on pinterest and so I sketched it out on some linen and I’m still plugging away at it— I think next time I wont make a piece that’s so large. I’m also trying to decide how I’d like to finish it;; should I bind off the edges like a proper rug, or sew it with a calico back and stuff it to be a pillow?

   Perhaps most exciting of all of my projects is this new painting that I just finished called “Eliza’s Knitting.” Taking Tasha’s lead and combining my own interests to make interesting art, I’ve made a colonial girl sitting at a window knitting! I’ve decided to do a whole series called “Colonial Crafters”, depicting people doing all sorts of crafts. I’ve already started my second one….any suggestions for crafts you’d like to see painted?

   The original painting is currently for sale in my etsy shop— I’m so happy with how it came out! A few months ago I found a book about decorating in the Colonial Williamsburg style at Good Will and it had a lot of good fabric swatch examples; using those as inspiration, I created the floral curtain panel and the simple red calico pattern of her dress. I am fond of red. And salt box houses! This piece has more of a New England lanscape, but my next piece will definitely have more of a Williamsburg flair.

  And so…that’s what I’ve been working on these past few days! So much of it is always a work in progress. But I’m happy to have the painting ready to go! I’ve also got some requests to send prints to a lovely little shop in Eureka Springs and I’m so very excited about it! More on that soon….

Til next time, Craft On!~
And Happy Tasha Tuesday!~

This post is part of the “Craft On” series hosted by Frontier Dreams. Visit her blog to see more of the posts from this week’s crafters!

5 thoughts on “Tasha Tuesday: Handcrafting:: Antiques:: and New Art

  1. Oh, how i love Tasha Tudor! Learning to spin is on my list of things to do very soon. I keep coming across antique wheels but I don't know whether they're in good working condition or not so I'm afraid to buy one. I love your painting, too!


  2. Beautiful painting with that Colonial theme!! I do love those colors. It must have been a lot of fun to have your wool spinning station at this weekend's Blue Heron Open House. I am glad it was also beautiful weather as that always helps with turnout as well.I always enjoy these Tasha Tuesdays because we can learn a lot about this woman who lived a rather reclusive life yet was nationally and internationally known and loved. It would have been interesting to actually have a conversation with her about her ideas on lifework, and art balance. I wonder what she would have said and how she set priorities.Looking forward to your next painting with that Williamsburg setting. You know how I love me some Virginia History:D!!!!!!!


  3. Dearest Heather, This post made me happy to see 🙂 I LOVED the pictures of the dishes with your smiling face in the reflection! The painting is wonderful and you captured the knitting needles and hands perfectly!! And the rug hooking is lovely too!! Many warm blessings, Linnie


  4. You must be related to Martha Washington! “I am again fairly settled down to the pleasant duties of an old fashioned Virginia house-keeper, steady as a clock, busy as a bee, and as cheerful as a cricket.” (1797, Martha Washington)


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