New Painting: Winter Weaver

   Last night I was out in the studio and was able to put the finishing touches on this latest painting– Winter Weaver. It seems I’ve caught the weaving bug, and have even acquired a loom! But Im still gathering parts and pieces to be able to really weave anything….until then, I’ll paint it!

  This painting was done on an 8×10″ wooden flat sided plaque, which is starting to be my favorite painting surface. Its flat on the sides, shaped a lot like a canvas but, well, wood and not canvas! I love how smoothly the pain goes on it. And it shows off color nicely I think!

   This original piece has already sold, but I know this image will be one I send to the printer soon!

How are you these days? Picking up any unexpected hobbies as well? I always seem to be doing that!~
Stay warm and cozy out there!~

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