Notes from a Summer Garden

 During the summer, mornings are my favorite time. The light is lovely and buttery, but not harsh yet. The garden has had a nice rest during the night. There is a sense of waking up, unfolding, peace.

    It’s no secret around here that I struggle with summer. The heat here in the southern plains gets to be too much for me. The light too harsh.  I spend most of the days inside, waiting for morning and evening, but at least in the mornings the mosquitos arent out to eat me alive. And so, morning wins– as the best time to be out and about in the garden.

  Recently my littlest and I were out trimming the roses. They has started to brown and fade, so I was ruthless with the remaining blossoms in order to encourage new growth. He was dismayed though, that I had cut any flowers down, and gathered them up to put in our little garden chapel.

   The chapel is, essentially, a shed. But it has become a lovely little respite for us and the centerpiece of our new cottage garden. It is also featured in a new article I wrote for Grow Christians, and just published today. I’d love for you to go over to read it!

This summer we are not traveling, but sticking close to home. This has worked out well though, as I’ve started training courses for a program called Catechesis of the Good Shepherd that lasts through the summer. This training will allow me to open my own ‘atrium’ at my church, where children can learn about their faith and church in a Montessori- style environment. I have been able to take my son to a friend’s atrium at her church, and it is so lovely and peaceful. I am looking forward to starting one for the children at my own church, and have started gathering little items to put in it.

   Some of the items I’ve found have included several handmade vintage linens that I found at a parish garage sale— and they cost a wopping 10 cents a piece! I got several, brought them home and gave them a gentle wash and hung them on the line to dry. They looked so pretty out there, fluttering in the breeze. I hope they enjoy their new life with little hands. Part of the mission of the class is to inspire reverence in little ones, and let them handle beautiful things. I know these pieces that someone made long ago will help my little friends come to enjoy beautiful things and cultivate a beautiful faith.

Meanwhile, in the garden….those hardy midst-of-summer plants are starting to flourish while the more tender spring loving plants recede. The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are getting their pink summer color (they begin spring a beautiful creamy white and change shade as the heat rises) and the zennias have popped up to enjoy the sunshine. The roses are sleeping now and blooming less, and everything is green.  I’ve also had my lilies open up to enjoy a fleeting moment in the sun— they are spectacular and last far too short a time— and an looking forward to the phlox and black eyed susan blooming soon.

   Every pretty blooming thing has its time— it grows, it blooms, it fades. They all get their time to shine. And I am here to enjoy it.

   Til next time–
Take Joy!~

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