The Shepherdess

Hello there!~
   It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been trying to send you this blog post for the past two weeks, and I’m now just getting to it! It’s that time of year, you know….the thick of summer! So much going on. But I’ve been so eager to share with you this latest painting called “The Shepherdess.” Done in delicate tones of blue, cream, greens and whites, it depicts a shepherd girl holding a little lamb– perhaps freeing it from bramble, while the mother sheep watches. In her apron pocket is a drop spindle, so she can make yarn while she watches the flock.

   The original painting has been sold, but I DO have prints of this piece as an 8×10″ print in my etsy shop!

   This time of year makes me long for New England….where I could maybe even wear a sweater in the evenings! I miss my friends in Albany (waves north) and sitting at Patricia’s kitchen table drinking my morning coffee with the windows open while a cool rain falls. Or maybe going back down to Cape Cod, where we had our first lobster rolls and walked on the sandy beaches, infinitely delighted with the coolness of the day— which the Yankees thought was warm 😉

  Last summer we all went to Old Sturbridge Village to visit, and the sheep were out to pasture, looking so woolly and sweet. That photo above the sheep with the blue house….isnt it just a dream? It is located at the village. I love too that the animals are shorn and the wool made into yarn and then dyed. If I was an interpreter there, that would be my favorite thing. Although I imagine it would be fun to do most anything at OSV!

Beautiful bramble at a beach in Cape Cod

   Around here, I am putting the finishing touches on my calendar and hope to get a sample printed soon and then do pre-orders. So if you think you’d like a Sleightholm Folk Art 2019 Calendar…know that it is coming soon!

  I also did my second session of training for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and oh, that has me in a shepherdy mood too! Look what else I’ve been painting….

The Good Shepherd!

  This is the classic ‘good shepherd’ pose that we use in the catechesis program, and one that will become very special to the children that come to our atrium. I thought this would be great atrium art, and perhaps I could make it into something for the adults who run the atriums to use….so stay tuned for that 🙂

  And oh, I might not be in New England this summer, but I still have plenty of photos of it from last year’s travels! I will share them here with you as well wait for autumn (that’s what we’re doing…right? Not just me?)

  Well, thank you so much for coming to see me here 🙂 I appreciate it so much. Things have been a bit busy here as the kids’ summer vacation winds down. Three weeks until students here in Oklahoma return to class. And then, for the first time in 4 and a half years…I will be back to being a full time artist. I am so looking forward to it, so eager to create on a more full time and reliable schedule. And Im so excited for the kids, who will both be starting new schools and hopefully making amazing friends and doing fun things.

   I hope your summer is going well!~ Let me know how you are! And if you’re up in New England, sigh, you lucky little thing!~!

Til next time,

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