An Autumn Gathering 2018

   Hello there, Friends!~
           And welcome to my annual ‘autumn gathering.’ It’s an online event I’ve been doing for several years now where I release autumn themed art and celebrate my favorite time of the year— autumn!

    Ah, I’m so glad you’re here! Get yourself a cup of coffee, come sit, and lets chat! It’s been a busy summer, hasnt it? But there’s a change in the air….the summer is waning….its almost time for the season of cozy— of walks during brisk mornings when leaves swirl around….of pumpkins on doorsteps, the sound of marching band practice in the air….doesn’t it just make you want to smile and do a little twirl (go on and twirl, I wont tell!)

   I have several NEW original paintings in my shop— shown above! You can find “Brigid of Ireland”, “Ellerie’s Autumn” and “Autumn Comfort” all listed in my shop! I also have brand new prints of Brigid of Ireland available.

           I know that technically, it is still summer. But it is also September. And September is autumn. And by that logic, I say bring on pumpkin everything and all the beautiful golden tones of the season. I can’t think of autumn now without remembering my very first trip to New England. I was able to stay with my friend Alyson, who wrote the blog New England Living and now does The Strange and Unusual Podcast. Together with another friend, Emily, we traveled the beautiful winding roads of New England…..I was introduced to Dunkin’ Donuts (and was always getting the hot cider! Was I just being contrary? Or, more likely, I was 6 months pregnant and that’s what sounded good!)

    To me, New England is the where the soul of autumn resides, although it has been so much fun to write about summer in New England in my latest blog series— and I hope you enjoyed that! But now….Oh now! It is TIME for AUTUMN!

    To celebrate in real style, I thought we should have a treat….so I’m offering an autumn print giveaway! 
   I will be choosing from this post’s comments ONE WINNER of my 8×10″ print “Autumn Emilia” shown below:

   All you have to do to win this sweet autumn girl is to leave a comment! And the winner will be selected next week! Easy enough, right?!

   And if you’re also a lover of autumn and would like to take part, lets have a blog stroll, shall we? Below you’ll find a linking tool where you can add a link to any autumn themed blog post or social media post you’ve published! Follow the directions below and join us! We can all visit eachother, with coffee and cider and all the pretty knitting things!

   And before you go, do visit the etsy shop to see whats new! There are new prints and originals and I still have some calendars! Can’t promist how long I’ll have them, but there are still a few left looking for homes!~

  Until then, thank you for your visit!~
and TAKE JOY!~

13 thoughts on “An Autumn Gathering 2018

  1. The new artwork is just lovely! I wish I had hair as lovely as Saint Bridget’s! Thank you for putting this together – I look forward to celebrating Autumn with you and everyone else!


  2. I've been looking forward to diving into your autumn gathering all day, and now I'm finally settled in with a cup of coffee and am loving all the autumnal goodness! Your new creations are gorgeous – so much sweet detail! My birthday is right around the equinox as well, and I wonder if that's why autumn has my soul. 😉 The crows are cawing here and there's a crisp breeze – the shift is happening, and it never fails to delight me!Thank you for hosting this gathering and for offering your beautiful print as a giveaway!


  3. I love visiting your page and your Etsy shop, everything is just so so lovely! Exactly my taste… I ordered your calendar a few weeks ago and immediately tucked it away in my husband's closet as my children's Christmas gift to me.Autumn is knocking in Minnesota on our dairy farm. The days are a bit shorter and the mornings a bit crisper. Leaves are starting to swirl in the breeze and harvest is just around the corner. Busy days preserving, baking, canning, freezing; tucking away God's bounty.Thank you for the lovely reminders of the days to come, and for the chance to win your beautiful print!


  4. I love your art! It would be helpful to suggest (or even show) various ways to frame these, either solo or groupings. I am not good at that and another artist I love really helped me see where to put her art by doing that on her page. Just a thought. Your work is beautiful!


  5. Just discovered your very beautiful work. Autumn is my favorite time tho in Florida there is not too much variation in seasons. Still I love the pumpkins, colored leaves and lower humidity in North Florida Fall.


  6. I love fall! It’s my favorite season and took six kids to finally have my fall baby. I love the calendar and can’t wait to hang it up hopefully where no grubby fingers will get it.


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