Portrait: Tasha Tudor At Home

   Painting a portrait of author and illustrator Tasha Tudor has been on my mind a long time– perhaps even years. But it wasn’t something that I’d ever gotten around to really doing. This past week, however, I decided to go for it, to see if I could capture the homespun coziness of Tasha’s life and work with my own painting style. And the painting above, is what came of that!

   It was such a pleasure to paint Tasha, her home, and the things she enjoyed. I worked from a photograph, but added some of my own touches to bring in more of the things Tasha loved into one scene. I added the corgis and the drawing board with the painting taped to it. I was hoping I’d do the little corgis justice, the iconic dog of so many of Tasha’s paintings, and I’m pleased with how they turned out!

 This book cover photo is the image I used to base my painting after. I loved looking so closely at all the little things to create an entire ‘Tasha scene’, and was amazed to realize that this fireplace is featured, almost exactly, in some of her own paintings.

   It was, in a strange way, like spending time with Tasha and I hated to have it end, although I was happy to have the painting be complete.

   And I’ll be honest— the making of the painting and how it turned out had me making a decision I rarely make— I decided to keep the original!

  BUT, I know many of you, my kindred spirit friends, also love Tasha, so of course I made prints! I had prints made up in both 8×10″ and 11×14″ sizes, and love how they came out. I hope you do too!

   And speaking of Tasha Tudor, I had a little idea that I’ve been working out with my daughter, and wanted to share with you here…..

 For several years now, at different points in time, I have written each Tuesday for “Tasha Tuesday“,  a blog series about all sorts of things pertaining to Tasha Tudor. This time, I’m hoping to work on a fun little project with my daughter (who is becoming quite the baker in her own right) where we choose one Tasha Tudor recipe (or receipt, as she’s day!) to make during the week, and share it with you the following Tuesday. I’m looking forward to a reason to try some new recipes, and as the weather cools I find myself wanting savory treats and yearning to nest and cook.

  So, please return to see what we– cook up! 😉

  And if you’d like a Tasha print of your own, they are now listed in my etsy shop!~
Thanks so much, and Take Joy!~

4 thoughts on “Portrait: Tasha Tudor At Home

  1. I have my copy of the Butt'ry Almanac coming soon! How I love Amazon for very inexpensive second hand books that are available with a click or two!! Of course, anything that has to do with a Butt'ry has my immediate attention. Nothing better than a good Butt'ry ! So, what's on our Tasha menu this coming week?


  2. Heather…thank you so much for commenting on my blog…..and in turn…I just discovered yours! Your paintings are beautiful….I am a big Tasha admirer as well. I'm off to visit your Etsy! Thank you again…and have a great week!!


  3. Oh how beautiful!I have that book, also. These books are delightful to look at, at different seasons. The same as with my Glady Taber books. Able to pick a season and \”sink into it.\” :-)Do you know of Gladys Taber? <——– link. I have loved her for years and years. Over time, I have collected all her books. :-)Autumn hugs,A 'Nana'✨🍁🎃🍁✨


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