Cooking With Tasha Tudor: Hot Chocolate

    Good morning!~
           And happy October! Isnt it wonderful to be in this month? Here’s hoping the weather cooperates. We’ve been sitting in the 80s here in OK and frankly, not feeling very autumnal. But the colors are starting to change, and moody, rainy skies have blown in. The temperatures are falling into delicious 60 degree marks, and I am so ready for those cute sweaters and boots!~

    The perfect cozy drink for a cool autumn night is, of course, hot chocolate. So we cooked up a pan of it yesterday evening (we were so good! We had salad for dinner! We earned it!) and enjoyed the first hot chocolate of the season!

    Big sis was working on some math homework, so the littlest and I were in the kitchen cooking up the treat. The recipe is found in the cookbook “Tasha Tudor’s Cookbook” and is one I’ve never tried before.
    When it came time to add the chocolate, I was surprised that it was a relatively light hot chocolate in color, but we were eager to get it dished into mugs and smothered with whipped cream….

    The recipe calls for hand whipped cream, which I was all set to do until I realized I had two cartons of half and half and no whipped cream (and I’m no math genius, but I figured if I added the two together it would not, unfortunately, make whole cream….ha…mom joke…I digress…)
   But luckily for us, we live very close to a Braums, which is a beloved Oklahoma dairy institution, and Daddy was very obliging to duck out the door and get us some whipped cream from them. After that, we were all set….

      After a few careful breaths to cool it down, we all enjoyed our cocoa, and it was really nice! It was light and sweet and I’m glad we added the cream as well. Tasha suggests it as a fun drink for around the campfire, but for us ‘indoor cats’, it works just as well around the dining room table while you finish your math homework! It is a recipe I would recommend, and one that I can see making throughout the coming evenings, and for festive occasions!
     What are you looking forward to making as the weather turns cooler for us in the northern hemisphere? Do you have a favorite autumn drink?
   Will sign off for now, thanks for coming by! Be sure to check out the other Cooking With Tasha Tudor posts, and let me know if you have any suggestions or requests from her cooking work!

PS: I am planning an Open House on November 3 at Blue Heron Antiques in Jenks! See THIS POST for more details!

One thought on “Cooking With Tasha Tudor: Hot Chocolate

  1. Really enjoying your Tasha Tudor cooking posts 🙂 Only 2 out of the 6(?) photos show up for me though. Not sure if it's just me? I'm using Microsoft Edge browser, but same problem with Internet Explorer. – Melissa


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