October Love & Folk Art

   And here it is, fall has finally arrived! It always makes me think of that perfect autumn I spent in New England now five years ago! But it is my favorite season in any place, and I am enjoying seeing signs of it out here on the prairie too.

   The leaves are just starting to change….the hot temperatures have been swept away, and cold northern winds from Canada have swept down, jangling the wind chimes, rustling the leaves, sending little sweet birds to my bird feeder for treats to sustain them on their way south…

    Im sitting down to my art table this week to make some sweet little witchy dolls…..ladies who would be very much at home at this amazing Witch House in Salem, MA. Salem is an amazing place to while away an October afternoon, for sure! So much history, so much rich and beautiful landscape, lives and eras folded and mixed into each other— just what I love best….

  Above all though, I like my halloween a little more sweet than too terribly spooky— and you’ll find lots of examples of that in my artwork! My etsy shop is now stocked with originals, prints, and note cards to get you in the spooky sweet spirit and they’re all ready to ship!

   What is your favorite thing about Autumn and the beautiful month of October? And how do you like to celebrate this bewitching time of year?
  Hope you’re having a wonderful week!~
Take Joy,

2 thoughts on “October Love & Folk Art

  1. Wow, my computer will let me comment today!! I love these photos from your fall New England visit. They bring that view of what an iconic fall looks like when one lives in the state of Florida. The best!Of course, I do love all of your fall paintings with prints and so delighted that the original of the witch is now parked on my faux fireplace mantle in the \”Log Cabin\”!! LOL!!This bewitching time of year has me diving into a new murder mystery about a NC Corn grist mill while enjoying Pumpkin Spice coffee and eating as many orchard fresh apples as I can! I also love the mums that are blooming and a few pumpkins scattered here and there.


  2. Yay!! Im so glad you were able to comment!! I am getting so frustrated with blogger and wondering if I should move it to a different platform. I've heard they're discontinuing Google Plus so I wonder if that will help make Blogger easier to use without them trying to tie that in….anyhow…I love all your fall thoughts! Your log cabin room is so comfy and beautiful! Im so happy you have that space!!


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