Oklahoma Autumn

   Good afternoon, and Happy Halloween!
      I hope you’re having a beautiful day where ever you are. Here, we are at full autumn color, and it looks like we’re going to have a wonderful day for the Open House at Blue Heron this weekend!

   The other day I went for a little drive to see the landscape. The light was bright and beautiful and I wanted to make sure I enjoyed the color while I could. I took along my camera and wanted to snap some photos of the pretty things I saw around here….I wanted to look with fresh eyes, for myself, at this place I call home.

   Where I live in northeastern Oklahoma, the landscape is a little different than what you might think of as Oklahoma. We have open fields that are beautiful, but we also have densely treed hills and shaded valleys, since the last fingertips of the Ozark Mountains are in this area.

   I drove down country roads familiar to me, the car ride to school, the old road near my grandparents house….trying to take it all in and enjoy.

   I’ve noticed that Oklahoma is not one of those ‘must see destination’ states. Many articles I read about it seem to be pleasantly surprised that there’s anything to see here other than cows and a tumbleweed ever so often (and we dont really even have those!) Our history, aside from that dark time when many Native Americans were forced to walk here on the Trail of Tears, is not taught much in school– even our own schools.  And I started wondering if maybe I could help change that perception, and reveal some jewels about this place where ‘the wind comes sweeping down the plain…’

   So that is my mission this autumn. To see the beauty here and enjoy it. To share it here, with you.

    Because there are some very lovely, and interesting, and breath catching moments out here….in the landscape, and in my own garden, on my own little porch (with a kitty or two for company…)

    So I hope that I can share more with you. And in the process, I can fall a little more in love in this place I call home.

Autumn blessings, friends!~

One thought on “Oklahoma Autumn

  1. Oh my goodness; now I am in love. NC is a beautiful state and I love it here and the history here but it is becoming so over populated. The pictures you shares are so lovely and so peaceful. Thank you for sharing.Constance


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