Sleightholm Folk Art PUZZLES!

   I am SO so thrilled to be sharing with you some really exciting news! I have teamed up with an American family-run business in Maine to create heirloom quality wooden puzzles that feature my art!
   The Waterford Puzzle Company started in 1987 under the name ELMS Puzzles and a second generation of puzzle enthusiasts are now at the helm of this three decades old company and bringing new art along with its new name to the puzzle world— and some of that art is mine!

   Several of my original designs are now available to purchase as your own puzzle in a variety of sizes— we completed the 8×10″ puzzle as a family in an evening’s time and I was so impressed with the quality of not just the image, but the puzzle itself. These puzzles are cut from mahogany and fix with an amazing precision….the pieces also are cut in the coolest shapes— we found a violin, a spangle of stars, and the Waterford Puzzles Tree from their logo!

   Im so excited to finally be able to share this amazing news with you, and so happy to see my art on such a quality item. I also love that Waterford Puzzles is a small, family run business and that everyone involved in the making of these puzzles is an artist in their own right. And you know I also LOVE that they’re made in New England!!! My art will come to you from Maine! That makes my heart just sing!

   If you’re interested in seeing my designs that are available as puzzles, please go HERE. If you have any questions about the puzzles, don’t hesitate to contact the nice folks at Waterford Puzzles because they’re wonderful.

   And, of course….Take Joy!~

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