A Merry Christmas To All!~

   Ah, and so here we are! Another Christmas tucked safely away into our holiday memories. I hope Christmas 2018 was a wonderful one for you— and if you’re like me, you’re probably ready to settle in to winter quiet, enjoy some time to relax after all the holiday rush, and looking forward to a fresh new year.

   I didnt get as much done this holiday season as I had planned— we all seem to be swapping terrible colds back and forth, and I came out of my fog to realize that Christmas was just a few days away! There were gifts to finish and food to make. And it was lovely. But I also love this quiet time we have now…..and the possibility that comes with a fresh year….

 But I am happy for the memories we were able to make, and so grateful for your support this holiday season! With your help, Sleightholm Folk Art had its best year yet! And YOU helped me give my family a very merry Christmas! I appreciate that so much!~

    I will be coming back very soon and we can chat about the new year….til then, I hope the light of Christmas warms your heart and gives you much peace and joy!~

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