Homespun Kitchen Pursuits

   I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions, but the coming a new year does inspire me to make fresh plans and come up with new ideas for how I’d like to spend my time, money and energy.  One small idea has turned into a bit of a kitchen project for me, because I’ve decided to try to buy and consume less plastic in our grocery shopping.
   It came about, too, as I’ve started a weekly bread baking session, and wanted something quick and easy to store my bread in that also wasn’t plastic. After spending a week clumsily wrapping and re-wrapping my bread in kraft paper, it struck me that I needed a BAG for this bread! I also felt like I needed some reusable little sacks that I could produce in when I bought it at the store. And so, a little sewing project happened one night, with some ticking I had on hand (another goal for 2019? Use the craft supplies I already have!)

   These are the bags I made, and I am pretty pleased with how they turned out! I made some loaf sized to contain bread, and also some small or longer ones that can hold produce while buying at the store. I was so proud yesterday when I was able to use NO plastic sleeves at all for my produce, just my little bags….

   Making them was relatively easy, just a little more work than a simple pillow case. I folded the ticking into the shape I wanted (square or rectangle) and sewed the bottom and one side together, leaving about 2 inches at the opening unsewn. Then I folded the opening into a loose hem with the side open so that I could run a red cotton yarn string through it for a draw string. I tied the ends of the strings together so they wouldnt fall out and voila! My bread and produce bags are ready to use! I’m even thinking I need more….

   Now when I make my bread, I will have something handy and easy to use to store it in. If I put the bread in the bag and then put it in my metal bread box, it keeps very nicely and doesn’t go hard or stale. This is a simple white bread (sometimes with a little wheat flour added) that is good with savory or sweet things. I like it with a bit of butter and honey or jam, or as sandwich or dinner bread. I am planning on sharing my recipe I use in my upcoming newsletter if you’d like to sign up!

   And as if they knew there were some goings-on happening in the kitchen, my little flock suddenly started laying again with a vengeance, with two of last year’s chicks now able to lay. Our ‘naked-necker’, Elvira, has started to lay the most lovely, olive green eggs! That is because her mother was an Americauna, which are known for their pastel colored eggs. She is so funny…..the most interesting girl in the yard, for sure, with her bare neck but head of black ‘hair’ as if she were a flapper from the ’20s!
    We are now totally supplied with eggs, although I think that will depend on the weather in the next month or so….we get terribly cold days, and then romanced with days near 60 degrees! My daffodils have been tricked too, and have started coming up. But there’s always a surprise cold winter day before spring really comes to stay.

   Well, I better get started with this day! I hope you are well and warm! And if you have any ideas on how to limit consumption of plastic in daily life, please share! I’d so appreciate it!~
til then,
Take Joy!

9 thoughts on “Homespun Kitchen Pursuits

  1. I love your bread bags, my grandmother made and stored bread in home made bags, she also so had one that she used to put ice in and she would beat it with a mallet until is was like shaved ice. Those were the days, I started cutting down on plastic a few years ago. I just hate what it does to the environment and I find that it makes things so much better to not have to deal with empty plastic grocery bags and stacks of plastic storage trays sliding out of the door every time I open a cupboard. Also I find that I'm using my vintage Pyrex more often and I always love a good reason for collecting.Take CareConstance


  2. Such a lovely bags you made! I realy like the colors. I store my homemade bread in an old metal breadbox, thats works nice for me. Unfortunaly are my hens not laying eggs right now, it´s still to cold and dark here in Sweden but often they start laying in march. I enjoyed your blog!


  3. It just depends on what I'm buying– when I bought potatoes I just filled the whole bag, but I did use another for a couple of other big items that I put in together.


  4. Fiddled around with my Google account again and now can sign in!! Maybe I have it figured out now? LOL!! Like I mentioned in an email, your idea of washable bags is a great one. You made them very cute as well!! This is such a good idea for the new year because, there is so much out there about how plastic is building up for miles and miles in our oceans as well as all the places we can see it here on land. I have plenty of fabric to make some myself…so I just need to get off my procrastination streak and get busy!! Love those gorgeous eggs from your backyard Girls too! What fun it must be to collect such pretty colors. They remind me of a still life on the blue check towel.


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