New Art: Down the Autumn Fells

I have a new painting to share with you today– inspired by the beautiful landscape of Scotland and the gorgeous breed of native sheep that they raise there, called Scottish Black Face Sheep.

I first noticed this breed while watching This Farming Life on the Britbox App, and I love it. It follows a handful of farmers throughout the year on their different farms in Scotland. One couple raise Scottish Black Face and I thought they were so cute!

I couldn’t resist trying to paint my own, along with a pretty little shepherdess….

† As you can tell, I am still in quite the Scottish mood! I stitched that little bookmark as well, and I’ll have the pattern for you by-and-by, if you’re interested. That’s a whole other project!

And also— welcome— since you are reading this in my new WordPress blog platform! There were a few tears and some gnashing of teeth (mine, all mine!) but I did eventually get it all figured out, and I think here it will be much easier to comment!

Thanks you for coming here to see me— and take a look in my etsy shop when you get a chance! I’m keeping it well stocked through the summer….now to do more autumn and Christmas art! Time to turn on the Christmas tunes 😉

Thanks for your visit friends,

Take Joy!


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