Celebrating Tasha Tudor- and a GIVEAWAY!

Good morning, friends! Well, here we are in the waning days of summer. The beginning of the school season, and preparing for the autumn and holiday selling season for me.

It’s no secret that autumn is my favorite time of year. But before we turn ourselves completely to that wonderful season— we have one more celebration to observe for summer— Tasha Tudor’s birthday!

You know from my many years of writing Tasha Tuesday posts and other countless mentions, that artist Tasha Tudor is very special to me. Something about her life and work just touches me deeply. Through the years I’ve found many friends both near and far who feel much the same about her, and so I think her birthday is the perfect time for us kindred spirits to celebrate her life and work!

Her birthday is in a week’s time— August 28. I’m planning on making a post that day to celebrate her, and if you do the same– please comment and let me know so that we can all visit each other in one big virtual birthday tea party!

And to make things all the more festive, I plan to submit a gift of my own to one of my fellow Tasha admirers–a free 8×10″ print of my original painting “Tasha Tudor at Home.” It was inspired by an iconic photo taken by Richard Brown of Tasha at her hearth, but I added some extra whimsical elements, like the corgis at her feet.

Entering to win the print is easy— just comment here on my blog or on any of my other social media platforms where you see the Happy Birthday Tasha Tudor graphic. You can comment in multiple places (here or instagram) for more chances to win, and if you share the giveaway on any of your personal social media accounts, please come comment again to let me know and that way enter more times to increase your odds!

The winner will be announced in the birthday post on AUGUST 28!

Tasha has always meant a great deal to me, ever since I found the book The Private Life of Tasha Tudor in a bookstore bargain bin as a college student. She completely captured my imagination then, and continues to today. Something about her just speaks to many of our hearts, and I love hearing your own stories and remembrances too.

Best of luck with the giveaway! And I will see you back here on August 28 for a birthday celebration!

Take Joy!~

24 thoughts on “Celebrating Tasha Tudor- and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. I am a fellow Tasha Tudor fan! I collect her books and aspire to be like her. Her corner dollhouse with a live turtle in it was just amazing! And my kids put on puppet shows inspired by her. For years my daughter has done a special Christmas for her dolls inspired by Tasha.


  2. Tasha has been an inspiration since childhood…I saw this print and was really excited to meet someone else in “tasha culture ” lol


  3. I 💛this Tasha Tudor print.
    When I need inspiration I pull out her books,
    Or watch one of her videos. The Christmas
    DVD has become a tradition for me.


  4. Tasha Tudor has also been a major inspiration for me. She lived a simple, beautiful life, that went against what others though was “normal.”

    The way that I have come to know her was too much of a coincidence, I believe that she was reaching out to inspire me, and others, from her cosy rocking chair in the sky. This is my story:

    I was looking through a book exchange shelf at work, hoping to swap Wuthering Heights for something else to peruse. I noticed amongst all of these old beaten down novels — a cookbook, published by a Ms. Tasha Tudor. Her joyful, inviting illustrations, and her wholesome receipts begged me to take this book home. So I did… This was to start a long harmonious relationship with the amazing Artist, illustrator, and dare I say “influencer.”

    I live in Marblehead, Massachusetts; which I found out through a quick online search that Tasha Tudor had spent a portion of her life here. Her father, Starling Burgess, was also a major figure in our town made a huge impact on the world of Aviaton. For me, a flight attendant who lives in Marblehead, this was something that caught my eye. This person had lived in MY town, and her father had played a key role in Aviation — MY career. Who was this person?

    I continued to research more, getting drawn in to her story and life.

    I have also been guilty of romanticising the Amish and Shakers for their major principles: living a simple, wholesome, and fulfilled life. Now, finding Tasha Tudor’s book and the way in which she lived, helped fuel my urge to live simply and to“ Take Joy!”

    To make coincidences more solidified, I already owned a book that she co-illustrated! I have had this book in my library for some time, a book on Kitchen Gardens. I remember looking at this Kitchen Gardening book and loving the whimsical illustrations, but never thought twice to see who was the master of these works. I was to find out that it was THE Tasha Tudor— I owned a book illustrated by her for years before I had come to know her greatness.

    Tasha Tudor has and will continue to be a major inspiration in my life, and feel that she guides me, as well as countless others, on a journey of Simplicity, Happiness, Wholesomeness, and Joy.

    Thank you for reading!


    1. Sounds like we are very much kindred spirits! I found the book “The Private World of Tasha Tudor” in a clearance bin at a bookstore because the dust jacket was torn. I was in college at the time and probably wouldn’t have bought it if it hadnt been marked down. But I fell in love the instance I looked inside. I later realized she had illustrated the copies of The Secret Garden and A Little Princess that I’d loved as a kid. So much about her inspires me daily, sounds like she does just the same for you! How wonderful to be in Marblehead as well, that is a gorgeous place!


  5. I have always wondered what is was about Tasha Tudor that spoke to me. I realized it was her intention of making her home a sanctuary and a place of refuge from the rest of the world that appealed to me. The older I get the more important keeping house becomes. I have come to understand that making my house a safe place to land for my family is one of if not the most important job I have. Tasha Tudor made the act of keeping house an art form that she actively lived. It was her purpose and she was proud of it. She saw making her house a home valuable and she shared her philosophy with countless fortunate people who continue to be inspired by her heart and her home.


  6. I love Tasha Tudor! Ever since I’ve discovered her I’ve loved Corgis. I love looking at pictures of her beautiful garden and old fashioned life. It seems we could use some of her “old fashioned” in this modern, techy world.


  7. Tasha Tudor was first introduced to me through her children’s books that I brought home from the library when my girls were small. Her art and stories always captured my heart and later on I found books about her life with photos. As someone who loves colonial history, Tasha’s lifestyle completely captured my interest. She had the determination to live her modern day life using many of the same skills as generations past. I see her art and her story as timeless and she offers people from around the world beauty in many forms generation after generation.

    Thank-you Tasha for the many gifts you have left humanity!


  8. Thanks for the giveaway Heather! I am from Spain and here Tasha is not known, there are not even his books in Spanish! I discovered Tasha in your instagram account and I can only be grateful. I bought his books in English “The private world of Tasha Tudor”, “Tasha Tudor´s Garden” and “Art of Tasha Tudor”. The first one I have translated into my language and now I am working on the translation of Tasha Tudor´s Garden .. it is exciting for me.

    Tasha Tudor means freedom … is there anything better than freedom?


  9. “A Time to Keep” is my favorite. There were two trees on my property that looked like a scene in “Springs of Joy,” and that made me happy until they had to be taken down. 😦 Tasha made many lives brighter and I can’t ijimagine a Christmas without some of her many festive books around for enjoyment.


  10. Yay!! Gosh, August wears on me so much I always forget Tasha Tudors Birthday! And then nearly cry when I miss it by a day or two 😂 so, thank you so much for the reminder ♡ Your painting of her is so lovely and cozy.


  11. Love every thing Tasha Tudor..but my favorite is her book Pumpkin Moonshine..would love to live like she did..everything homemade and homey..may she have a Heavenly Birthday 🎂


  12. I adore Tasha Tudor and her lovely life, home, garden, and illustration! I was so excited to see your illustration of her! Amazing work! I hope I win! 🙂


  13. I adore Tasha Tudor and her lovely life, home, garden, and art! I was so excited to see that you did this beautiful illustration of her. Wonderful work! I hope I win! 🙂


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