Christmas At Hunter’s Home

Hello there, friends,

What a busy month it has been! I have been busy sending out many orders and am so happy to have added to your Christmas celebrating and gift giving! However, it hasnt been ALL work, there has been some play! And one of my favorite parts of this month was attending the Christmas Open House at Hunter’s Home at the beginning of the month.

The house, which was built in 1845 and is the oldest home still standing in Oklahoma, was all decked out for Christmas. Admission was free and there was lots of good food and music, and many of the staff and we volunteers were dressed out for the occasion. I wore the orange dress I’ve been working on since last winter— its technically still not finished– but it worked 😉

And although I love the big old house, it might be the cabin on the grounds of the farm that is my favorite….perhaps because it’s something that we can really use and live in, cooking on the hearth and doing work within it without having to worry about damaging museum objects….or maybe because I come from a long line of cabin dwellers in the nearby Ozark Mountains. But whatever it is about the cabin, I love it, and it looked so homespun and lovely for Christmas!

Everything was looking beautiful on the museum grounds, however, and I particular loved how the upstairs bedrooms looked. There’s is the work room in the back, the bedroom set up for Joshua Ross, the Murrell family’s nephew that they raised– and the bedroom that George and his second wife Amanda shared, set up for Christmas with children.

And now, almost in a blink, Christmas is nearly upon us. I dont know about you, but I am ready for it to come and for us all to settle into quiet and calm. I, for one, plan on a lot of hanging out in my PJs and eating all the merry fare I can 😉

Soon we will be stepping into a new decade, and it my hope that it is one of happiness, kindness, and HOPE.

I have a few more holiday adventures to show you, but I will come back with those another day…..We had a very special St. Lucia weekend this year! For now, though, I will leave you with hopes that your holiday is lovely and meaningful, no matter where you are or who you are with!

And, of course,

Take Joy!~


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