Scandinavian Craft: “Snoflinga” Cross Stitch Pattern

Good morning friends,

How are you doing this morning— or afternoon? It’s a very gray and chilly day here, after a few days of absolutely glorious, springtime weather. I know….totally not fair! And it didn’t last long, as those too-good-to-be-true weather days tend to do.

I know in many places, there is still plenty of snow— especially Scandinavia! Even here— we are predicted to get some snowfall tomorrow, (I am poised and ready with emergency cocoa and a knitting project. You know, the essentials)

For this late winter, I have created a little cross stitch pattern, in honor of my exploration of ‘Scandinavian Craft’ and also for my love of a particular Swedish word— SNOFLINGA! Which means “snowflake”. I made this little pin cushion pillow last week, and I have added the pattern download to my etsy shop if anyone is interested:

The cross stitch was created with just one color of berry red embroidery floss, and it’s a pretty easy stitch for beginners. I love a project that can be completed in a sitting or two, and it’s a very functional piece if used as a pin cushion. It can also be used to display on a book case, or tucked into a little bowl centerpiece like I’ve done in the image here. I also like it because it can be used as Christmas decor and left out all through the winter, since a love of snowflakes lasts beyond December 25.

The cheery red and white makes me think of a calm, lovely Scandinavian winter, like I painted several years back with this piece, “Forest Lucia.” A little red, snow covered “stuga” (cottage) sits in the background, and this Swedish girl has her armful of wheat to feed the birds. We can’t forget those little guys as the temperatures dip and their food sources are covered in snow!

Anyhow….I hope you like this little stitching project! I hope to add more through the year so that you too can create along with me as I explore Scandinavian craft!

Thanks so much for your visit today— H

5 thoughts on “Scandinavian Craft: “Snoflinga” Cross Stitch Pattern

  1. I love snowflakes also! I’m so glad to hear someone else appreciates them more than just during Christmastime. 😊 The red also reminds me of cardinals, as the one in your picture of St. Lucia. There’s such a warmth to them, as well as such strength. For some reason, so many of us connect them to “visits” of those who have reposed in the Lord. 💕 You have done a great job of encapsulating the essence of both in your art.


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