NEW: Garden Journal

I friends—

How are you this Friday afternoon? I hope you’re doing well. I have something fun to share with you, a project that I am so happy to see come to fruition– my own Garden Journal!

I’ve had the idea for this garden journal for a while, but it took a bit of forced-to-stay-home-in-a-pandemic to get me to sit down and really focus and get it done. And here it is! The garden journal is available now in my Etsy shop— and you can purchased a spiral bound printed copy as shown, OR the PDF file to print and use at home.

The garden journal is 22 pages, and gently leads you through the gardening year with prompts, ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’ to remember in the garden, places to draw your own garden and make plans for the future. With this journal, you will have a wonderful in-depth record of your garden to refer back to in later years. It also features my own original photography, paintings and illustrations made specifically for this journal.

This journal was printed and bound at my local print shop, so I happy to share that this is all a locally made affair— right down to the garden, the artwork and the printing! I am very happy with how it came out, and hope you enjoy it too! You can find the listing on etsy HERE.

I hope you like it! It was fun to make, and I see more little booklets in my future….

til then– Take Joy!


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