New Autumn Art

Hello there, friends! Hope you are well. Here we are in mid July, so naturally I’m thinking— autumn art! haha! I am working on various projects at the moment, most of which revolve around the best season of the year….autumn! Right now in my etsy shop I have two new prints available— Cabin Halloween and September Bouquet.

Cabin Halloween

September Bouquet

It’s no secret around here that Autumn is my favorite season. Oklahoma summers are long and miserable, so getting to autumn— with cool breezes and beautiful foliage and sweaters and boots— is like making it to heaven after a long several months in….well, you know what I mean 😉

And since we are obviously going nowhere all summer long (let’s not think about how next week we were supposed to be packing up and going to New England, and I was gonna sink my toes into some Cape Cod sand and visit Plimouth Plantation on the 400th anniversary year of the pilgrim’s landing…, let’s not mention that!) I am focusing on autumn projects!

Something new I’m working on is an autumn themed booklet, full of all the things I love about the season, and it will include some stitching patterns, artwork, writing, recipes, etc. Just something completely cozy to curl up with! 😀 In making the booklet, I’m revisiting some of my favorite autumn adventures, especially my trip to New England in 2013….

I hope you’re hanging in there this summer, especially since this particular summer is much different than any we’ve ever seen. We can’t even go to the library here, and that’s kinda killing me! But I’m keeping myself busy, and goodness knows I have a ton of books already here to keep my busy (and all those vintage magazines I collect!) and I’ve been working on art for the booklet, which has been lots of fun.

Some other big news around here is that the 2021 calendar will very soon be available for pre-order! In fact, I’m going to go pick up the sample today! I will start the pre-order (hopefully Monday) and I can’t wait to share it with you! One thing is for sure, I’ve tried to put as many “2021 is gonna be a fantastic year!” vibes into as possible 😉 we NEED a fantastic year after 2020, don’t we?!

I will be back soon with more news, and hope you’re hanging in there too! And as always–

Take Joy!

8 thoughts on “New Autumn Art

  1. I’m so excited for all things autumn. I feel like we *really* deserve it this year!! So excited for your autumn booklet. And my daughter wants the print September Bouquet, so I need to get that ordered for her September birthday!


  2. This Autumn booklet is going to be a treasure for this Fall loving Floridian! Plus, I never tire of the beautiful photos you have shared during a previous fall NE visit. Fall in NE is magical thanks to those gorgeous Maple Sugar trees.

    I stand with Patricia’s comment above that we truly do NEED an Autumn fun book to enjoy this year!! Looking forward to spending lots of time enjoying this new work from you. It takes an artistic Autumn lover, like yourself, to give the “heart of Fall” true justice too!

    While the heat and humidity rages on daily down my way, I hold firm that September is the turning point away from summer’s grip and I am forging onward with excitement!!


  3. I am so sorry about your “unmentionable trip”…heartbreaking. I want to go back soooo bad but covid and finances. Let’s talk about Autumn projects…your book sounds WONDERFUL! Enjoy working on your lovely Autumn projects!!


    1. Ah, well, I know New England will always be there….and the next time I go, it will be the perfect ‘meant to be’ time for me to be there 🙂 I am always happy to talk autumn! And I cant wait to be able to share the book! 😀


  4. Thank you so much Heather, for sharing your many talents with us and giving us something to read and look at that is positive. And as an added treat you bring us an Autumn of Abundance! I am trying to focus Fall Forward myself.


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