At Summer’s End

Summer is coming to a close here in Oklahoma for all intents and purposes, as school begins on Monday. However, this odd summer will be followed by an even odder autumn, as both my children are going to be doing virtual learning here at home. I’m having to give up my love of planning things out, because there’s really nothing to do but take things day by day. But there have been some wonderful surprises, like this beautifully autumnal sunflower that appeared in our sunflower patch!

As often happens during this time of year, even when it doesn’t seem like the world is falling down around our ears, I am thinking all about autumn these days! I am tired of summer food and I’m ready for things that are cozy and savory, for curling up in a sweater with a good book and cool crisp mornings! I am also very happy to report that my autumn booklet is just about finished, and after some final edits I will be ready to put it in the shop for pre-orders, and after that do a bulk order once I know what the interest level is. I have been working on it for so long, and working very hard! I can’t wait to show you…

The booklet will have 5 original cross stitch designs in it, and easy knitting project and two cozy recipes. I think I will like ‘sheltering in place’ in autumn when it feels more like a season you want to cuddle up at home….and I’m sure there’s plenty of knitting and spinning in my future! I still have the yarn and roving I bought at Fiber Christmas in July last month, and I just started (as in, last night!) a shawl with some of the yarn just for ME. I’ve been doing a lot of baby knitting this summer, as I know of several babies that are here or making their debut this fall, and they ALL needed a pumpkin hat!

I will be back again soon— next week we celebrate the final Tasha Tuesday AND Tasha Tudor’s birthday is August 28! I cant wait to celebrate with you, and I’m glad there have been some fun things to take our mind off…well, all the stuff! I will also report back soon on the booklet, and have it ready for you ASAP!

Hope you are safe and well! Take Joy, my friends!~

8 thoughts on “At Summer’s End

  1. that’s really nice, the sunflower and your autumn project and your autumn dreams of creative and culinary pursuits! 🙂 I hope your semester with your kids learning at home will go well! God bless you!


  2. Oh wow, your IG post of the upcoming recipe for pumpkin banana bread looks mighty good!! I know what I will be making as soon as the Autumn book gets here. I can’t agree more that Summer has lost it’s glamour. One of the things I love about the Fall season is the cozier change that happens as days shorten and nights get cooler. Plus, there is something so welcoming and reassuring to see mums, pumpkins, apples and other fall garden gifts piled up in produce sections of grocery stores and then appearing on front porches. Thank-you for spending countless hours of your Summer to craft this upcoming booklet!! I am filling up the pages of my Garden Journal right now and I look forward to doing the same with this new booklet. It will be fun for me to read over the notes and comments entered in my fall booklet in the years to come.


  3. What a gorgeous sunflower. What a great opportunity for your children with online learning. They will have the time to explore other interests. I homeschooled one of our daughters, and the other one attended an arts school, so I am partial to at home learning.

    I am interested in your booklets. I’m new to your blog, so forgive me if I ask stupid questions ;P

    Ricki Jill


    1. There are no stupid questions! The autumn booklet is something I’ve been working on, something fun to focus on this summer….its going to be full of autumn musings, some recipes and stitching patterns. Im in the editing stage and very close to getting to the printers!


  4. I’m really looking forward to your autumn booklet- and for autumn to finally arrive. I’ve already declared summer food officially over here at the Heaton cottage!


  5. I’ve been ready for autumn since august 1st, and even started my autumn decorating. your spinning painting is just lovely…


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