01:: Good Things Gathered

Hi there— and greetings from a very frosty Oklahoma! I am writing you this evening after a cold (and slippery!) walk to the post office with the pups, sending out orders and getting a look at my little town as it burrows down into some unexpected cold and icey weather.

Today’s post is something new that I’d like to make into a regular feature, and I’ve decided to just call it “Good Things Gathered”, as it will just be a collection of simple things I’ve been enjoying or getting inspiration from or finding comfort in and I thought I’d pass them along! A few of those things are shown in the photo above, a collection of what I’m reading or working on.

So here are some of those good things, gathered for you!

1. First and foremost, I am a lover of home magazines from the U.K., especially British Country Living, but I am also enjoying Period Living these days as well. Both magazines feature gorgeous, often very old homes that are decorated so beautifully and in a more traditional or country style. I also love British Country Living because it actually focuses on country living, including farming and gardening. It also features artisans who practice heritage crafts, which I love. I find that magazine so inspiring not just as a homeowner, but as an artist as well. Period Living is becoming a new favorite because it showcases some really fabulous old homes and has some very interesting articles and suggestions for restoration projects. I buy both these magazines at Barnes & Noble, which I don’t get to visit often, so its definitely a treat and indulgence.

2. In keeping with the British theme, the 2021 catalog from David Austin Roses arrived and it’s always so fun to look through and “OOooo and Ahhhh” over all the gorgeous roses! I have several of these roses in my garden, and there is something just so special about these old English roses in looks and fragrance. I admit, I do baby and feed them and can’t wait for spring to come when they all wake up! I am also excited for the Emily Bronte Rose to arrive this spring, as my good friend Patricia bought it for me for Christmas, and David Austin Roses sends the rose when its the right time to plant in your area! And don’t you just love the name? Emily will have to have a very special place in the garden for sure!

3. I was also so thrilled to finally get a (used) copy of these gorgeous books “Quilts” that I could afford– I’ve had it saved on my wish list for years, I think… and there was finally a used edition that came into my price range (which is— cheap! ha) The quilts featured in this book are all from the American Folk Art Museum and I was so surprised to open this book and find one of the first quilts featured is a quilt I have had as my phone screen saver (again, for years!) I saw the quilt in person at Crystal Bridges Museum in Arkansas when they had their big American Folk Art exhibit several years ago— which included many items from the American Folk Art Museum. It is so meaningful to me that I have actually seen some of the quilts featured here in person, and I am discovering so much more. This book will be interesting not just for learning about historical quilts, but the color combinations and shapes are also very inspiring for future art work. The cover alone— isn’t that quilt just amazing? Its so simple, yet so eye catching! Its a very old piece, but also seems modern, doesn’t it?

4. And lastly, a good thing I’m working on (well, you know I’ve always got a lot of projects going at once, but I digress…) is a pair of mittens! I decided to join my first knit along (in this case, mitt-along!) on instagram, and the goal was to knit a pair of mittens using any pattern of your choice. The mitt-along is hosted by a pair of very talented fiber artists on IG, Earth Tones Girl and Hey Brown Berry. Both ladies host an instagram live chat called “Maker’s Minutes” and the hashtag for this mitt-along is #MMMittalong. Their enthusiasm and encouragement encouraged me to give it a go! I chose the mitten pattern “The World’s Simplest Mittens” by Tin Can Knits (sounds about my speed!) and it is actually a free pattern on Ravelry! I’m making these mittens using some leftover handspun that I knit a hat for my son with (I just have a bit of it left, that’s why I’ve added the white). I’ll be honest, I made so many mistakes on this mitten, but I know I’ve also learned a lot and I’m looking forward to starting a new pair with mill-spun yarn (I have a serious stash of yarn I need to plow through, it’s a little bit ridiculous at this point! And I better use it up so I can buy more, right??). Now I just need to start on mitten two and hopefully my son can use them before its 90 degrees again!

So that’s my gathering for you today friends, I hope you enjoyed these good things. And thank you so much for coming here to visit me on the blog, I really appreciate it. I also appreciate all the thoughtful comments on my last post! You guys are the best. Loved hearing how you’ve been feeling and your wisdom.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll talk more with you soon!~
Take Joy!

8 thoughts on “01:: Good Things Gathered

  1. I got my David Austin catalog too, and I have decided that from now on I plan to give rose bushes as gifts to the very *ultra* special people on my list. I’m ordering the Roald Dahl for my mother for her birthday because I just adore it, and I know she will too. I can’t wait to see the Emily Bronte rose in your garden. Only the finest for you, my friend.


    1. I am so happy to be on your “ultra special” list!! I cant wait to see this rose bloom and I will send you pictures of it as it grows as if it were a child, haha! “Look at what Emily did today!”


  2. Ohhh, you know how I love a good things gathering!! This post is right up my alley lately because it is such a great way to stay in touch with all those “littles”in your life that you love. Lately, I have been thinking about the Churn dash quilt pattern that I learned to do decades ago. It is one of the easiest patterns and for some reason, it always makes me happy. Plans are swimming in my head to get busy and make that pattern again. If I were going to show a photo of my latest gatherings, it would be my scrap yarn, Waldorf chicken pattern, and creating simple Easter/Spring friends. In addition, would be some old Farmer’s Journals from the 1940s where I love the Farmer’s Wife section. There are many articles about how to live economically and empower your creativity. I think women, in general, have been intuitively doing little good things gatherings for generations. It has been a way to fight against the hard routines of daily life at times as well as feed our need to create and make useful skills that have helped create American heritage craft that filled our homes with food, clothing, and simple but beautiful and necessary things. Quilts and woven cloth are two such crafts that come to mind followed by spinning and knitting yarn into warm clothing.

    Here in Florida, many varieties of roses struggle due to excessive heat, humidity and pests. But, I always enjoy seeing your photos of the glorious roses that you can grow!


  3. I love the UK Edition of Country Living, too. I subscribe to the electronic version, which is neat because I can bookmark pages in a collection. 😀 I wish I had your mad knitting skills….the mittens are too cute!


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