Garden Journal- 2021 Pre-Order

Good morning!~

I wanted to pop by and let you know that I’ve opened up a pre-order in my etsy shop for new professionally bound copies of my Garden Journal. The journal begins in the spring (although you fill out the months that count as your spring, so it works in both hemispheres!) and has a monthly list of questions and highlights to guide you through making an unique, yearlong record of your garden.

Here is a look at some of the interior pages, to give you an idea of how the journal works. It includes some of my own original artwork and photography. If you’d prefer a digital copy of this booklet that you can print yourself and use year after year, I do have the PDF download available in my Etsy shop— and it’s on sale!

The pre-order for this garden booklet runs through Friday, February 26 and then I will submit the total order to my print shop to have it made up. I anticipate that I’ll have the booklets back the first week of March, and I’ll have them mailed out as soon as they’re in hand!

Thanks so much and I hope you are warm and well-
Take Joy!

4 thoughts on “Garden Journal- 2021 Pre-Order

  1. I started mine last June and it has been so much fun to do. What is really cool is going back and reading my notes from each month and the page for each season. In addition to growing plants, I have added many weather details and wild bird activity at our backyard feeders. It also inspired me to gather leaves from all the trees and shrubs in my yard and get a book to identify them. This little journal leaves it up to you what interests you have and how you wish to preserve those details from each month. I also added stickers and colored markers to each month’s notes for some extra fun. The sky is the limit on what and how you can create your record. This would also be a great idea for a young learner in the home who has taken a shine to wanting to grow flowers or veggies.


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