New Painting & Garden Journal

hello and good morning! I hope you are doing well. I have a few new things to share with you— like this new painting “A New England Winter Walk.”

I’d listed it on etsy this morning, and it looks like it’s already been sold! But I definitely will make prints, and I am working on the line up for the 2022 calendar and am thinking she’d make a great January.

I also have my garden journals in again, fresh from the print shop! I mailed out the journals that had been pre-ordered yesterday, but I do have a few extras available if you’d like one. I also have the garden journals available as a PDF download, which you can then reprint each year to use.

This is all the news I have for now, but I will be back soon to chat more with you! Hope you are doing well and here’s to good things coming our way– it’s March! Spring is on it’s way! I cant wait to see the garden coming to life, how about you? Time to ready the garden journal for a new month!

Take Joy


2 thoughts on “New Painting & Garden Journal

  1. This new painting is just gorgeous! I love the landscape with wooly sheep, lovely white snow and the young girl all bundled up in her woolies and walking her pup. One day, I would love to see a New England snowy landscape too.

    Down here, our March came in like a lamb only to turn into a lion overnight into day 2! Gushing rain and blowing winds for the past 2 days with cold damp temps. However, Spring was already marching forward and continues unscathed by such blustery weather. You have to love and admire Mother Nature. She always seems to understand and adhere to the prompting from the Sun and daylight length to keep her plant life and wild critters on schedule of the year. I have hope and confidence she will arrive on schedule where everyone else lives too. We just get to experience Spring much earlier here in growing zone 8/9.


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