09:: Good Things Gathered

((Bonnes choses réunies))

Bonjour, mes amies! I hope you had a good week! 😀 This week’s “Good Things Gathered” has a distinct French flavor! Some of my favorite good things I’m enjoying these days include the “Madame Chic” book series by Jennifer L. Scott, the French themed issue of the latest Victoria Magazine, and my favorite ribbon that gives ordinary household items a decidedly French flair!

  1. The “Madame Chic” book series by Jennifer L. Scott is a very fun read– I’ve watched her YouTube Channel for a few years now, and then happened upon her book “At Home With Madame Chic” at the library. I enjoyed it so much that I ordered her first book, “Lessons From Madame Chic” to own myself. In her books, Scott is inspired by a French woman whose home she stayed in while studying abroad– whom she calls “Madame Chic”– and all the lessons she learned about life, fashion, food and more while staying under “Madame’s” roof. The books are broken up into chapters that encourage you to “[embrace] the classically French aesthetic of quality over quantity” in all aspects of life. I LOVE books about French culture and find it fascinating to read about a society who believes in finding your ‘joie de vivre”, but also living in moderation. It’s a fun, inspiring read and frankly– I’ve already cleaned out my closet and taken to heart Scott’s “10 item wardrobe” philosophy. If you love reading about other cultures and need some inspiration to get out a rut, whether it be with your clothes, your cooking or your home decor, these books are great. I can’t wait to read more. She also has a book for children about etiquette, and I’m thinking we’re gonna need that too!

2) I was also thrilled to see that the new Victoria Magazine is all things French this month, with lots of great Francophile features! Photos of Paris always make me sigh with happiness— I am not really a ‘city girl’, but Paris has always captured my imagination, first from all that high school French (I had the BEST French teachers, they were always the coolest) and then the film Amelie, which came out when I was in college (and yes, still taking French classes!).

I had always thought at some point I’d go to France, probably with something with school, but it just never happened and it’s one of my regrets of my school years. But, who knows what the future holds! Perhaps one day I will find myself sipping a cafe au lait in Paris, and then going to see the Louvre and Notre Dame! But until then, I will enjoy seeing beautiful photos of France and the elegant homes within that region.

I’m sure there are modern homes in France, but I always enjoy seeing features of homes that are old— a little crumbled is always good— and being able to SEE the history within the walls and the furnishings. I also love the idea of sitting at a cafe with a coffee and a sweet treat and people watching. If you love a peak into ‘la vie francaise’, this latest magazine and these books are wonderful treats to indulge in!

3) And when you’re feeling thoroughly inspired, you might look around your home (ahem, maison, pardon moi!) and wonder where you might be able to add some French flair. One way I’ve done this is with this beautiful red and white ribbon I found at World Market (they seem to usually have it, so I think it’s one of their staple products) and I use the ribbon on my household cleaning items that hang— including my dusters, dust pan, brooms, etc. Not only does it make it easier to hang and store these cleaning items, it just makes them prettier I think— and when something is lovely its more of a joy to use! I’ve shown the ribbon here on my little hand duster! But I use it with most of my cleaning tools that are able to hang on a hook. And while we’re talking about beautiful French inspired things from World Market– the table runner shown in the main photo is also from World Market and has the look of an antique French grain sack— but its more modern and can be thrown in the washing machine, which is always good around here!

I hope you enjoyed these Good Things Gathered, and thank you for coming by to visit today! Can you believe we’re nearly to our 10th post of these? And they’re so much fun— I love being on the look-out for Good Things, no matter how large or small!

Have a wonderful weekend, and may it be filled with many Good Things!~
Take Joy!

3 thoughts on “09:: Good Things Gathered

  1. Oh, La, La!! La joyeux vie en Paris!! Yes, yes, YES I hope a trip to France will be a part of your travels one day because you will love it. The whole country is lovely and so interesting in all of it’s areas.

    I agree with Carolee that these fun Friday posts on Good things gathered are so much fun! I look forward to them too and always learn something new. These Madame Chic books have grabbed my interest and I will look them up .

    Is it time for a cafe at lait avec un croissant?


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