12:: Good Things Gathered

Hello friends, and good morning!

Here we are at another Friday, and I have a few “Good Things Gathered” to share with you! As I mentioned the other day, I am thinking all about the garden and especially herbs. Way back in the winter, I was talking with my friend Susan who used to grow an abundance of herbs at her charming New England home and asked her if she had any books to recommend about growing and using herbs. She graciously introduced me to the amazing author and herb gardener Adelma Grenier Simmons, who wrote many books on the subject, and also a little book called “The Forgotten Arts: Growing, Gardening and Cooking With Herbs.” All of these books I found second hand, and for not very much money.

When I’m not thinking about plants and planting plants— I am also taking up my needle and thread again! I’ve started on a new cross stitch design and am getting back in the groove with it. Above is a photo of my little stitching box, with some of my other cross stitched pieces (you can find patterns for both in my etsy shop!

  1. Herb Books– all of these books are such a pleasure. And I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Adelma, she seems to be a kindred spirit. She was born in 1903 and died in 1997, and was known as “The First Lady of Herbs.” She ran an herb farm on a property in Connecticut that included an 18th century farmhouse and called her farm “Caprilands.” From her farm she wrote many books about herbs, their uses and tips for growing them. She is such an invaluable resource and I’m happy to have been introduced to her. I cant help but wonder if she and Tasha Tudor ever met? Or perhaps Mary Mason Campbell, who was also a bit of an herbal expert in her own right?

“The Forgotten Arts” book is also charming with lovely old illustrations. I particularly love the photograph at the beginning of an old New England home with herbs hanging above the hearth. I also picked up “The Herb Gardener: A Guide For All Seasons” at an estate sale ages ago (when going to estate sales was still a thing!) and it is a nice, practical book with good color illustrations, charts and tips. I have found that I am most drawn to nonfiction, as I love to have a reference library for, well, just about anything! And these books are my favorites for turning to when I’m thinking about growing herbs in my garden. Perhaps you’d enjoy them as well?

2. Stitching– I am getting back to it! I took a bit of a break and wandered into some knitting! That happens sometimes 😉 but I keep thinking about making a Christmas book along the same lines as my Autumn Book from last year, and I need to start stitching again! I pulled out my little sewing box, and I’ve got a few items of my own design in it— including the little alphabet pin cushion and “Clare Fraser’s Pinkeep”, which works as MY pinkeep too! If you like either of these items, the patterns are in my etsy shop as instant downloads.

I DID finish that shawl I was knitting– but it’s not blocked yet. I need to do that and share it with you! And I need to keep painting, my first love! I am working on the 2022 calendar now and am on schedule to have it ready for you this summer, as usual. So keep watch for the pre-order! It’ll be here before we know it!

I’ve also got a sale going in my etsy shop for Mother’s Day! There’s no code necessary, the discount is already applied! Take a peek and see if there’s anything you might like!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! I am always so happy to have you visit! I will be back soon with more to share–

Take Joy!

6 thoughts on “12:: Good Things Gathered

  1. So glad you are becoming acquainted with Adelma. She was a character indeed, and certainly ahead of her times in many ways. I visited her farm several times, and she and her husband Edward were our guests here as well. My very first 3 herb plants came from her gardens…orange mint, lemon verbena, and a rose scented geranium. She inspired me to create my own herb farm, which kept me busy for forty years! Enjoy her writings and recipes.


  2. I am all about the herbs! I just bought a vintage copy of Rodales Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs and Rosalind Creasy’s Edible Landscapes to help me with creating a true cottage garden. Will check out your suggestions!


  3. Herbs are my favorite thing to grow and use. I love everything Mary Mason Campbell wrote and also Linda Ours Rago. Two of my favorite of her books are “Dooryard Herbs” and “A Dooryard Herb Cookbook”.


  4. I am always learning something new on Friday’s posts. Axel a
    Simmons is a new name to me but I love that era she lived in. Transformational in many ways growing herbs and flowers seems to be more an art to me. It is hard to do down here in Florida. They always die in the intense summer months for me.
    I am looking forward to new stitching patterns . By the way, the little stitching book is perfect for holding my cross stitch supplies and it is always beautiful to look at. I highly recommend it as a summer project or gift for a sewing friend. It is just so pretty and a practical way to keep everything you need in one place.


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